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Eastern Valley United Baptist Association

Spring Meeting, May 2, 2009

Held at the Kingswood Camp, Lake George


Inspiration       -       Business            -           Reports

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“That in all things Christ might have the supremacy”

                                                                          -- Colossians 1:18b




Moderator’s Report     [Rev. Dr. Glenn Wooden]

Chaplain Committee Report    [Rev. June Keddy]

Evangelism Committee Report    [Lic. Jan McGuire] 

Kingswood Camp Report  -  Chairman    [Allison Magee]

Leadership Development Report    [Rev. Ellen Hunt, Chairperson]  

Mission Committee Report – Chairperson    [Rev. Brian Wheaton] 

Regional Minister’s Report    [Rev. Ronald Baxter, RM,  Region 2]

Social Action Committee Report    [Rev. Jennifer Smart]

Stewardship Committee Report    [Rev. Dr. Roger Cann]

The Rev. Don Ehler Memorial Chaplaincy Fund [David Rafuse, Treas.]  

The Treasurer’s Report    [Robert Douglas, Treasurer] .

Comparative Balance Sheet  

Comparative Income Statement

Income Statement - Jan 01, 2009 to April 14, 2009

Balance Sheet as at April 14, 2009   

Church Allotments - 2008  

Kingswood Camp Financial Statement  [Laurie Hennigar]

Comparative Income Statement   

Comparative Balance Sheet 



A - G - E - N - D – A


8:30 a.m.           Registration

8:50 a.m.           Singspiration  -  Devotional by Rev. Pamela Estey,

                                                       Executive Director, Kingswood Camp

9:20 a.m.           Business – open session with prayer

                               Welcome to New Pastors, Guests and Delegates

                               Rules of Order (read by Assistant Clerk)

                               Minutes of Fall Association, November 2008

                               Business Arising from Minutes


 9:45 a.m.          Committee Reports

                               [As recorded in booklet and handouts – to be

                               voted on as a group, except for the Leadership

                               and Development, Financial and Nominating

                               Committee reports.]


10:30 a.m.         Fellowship Break (and Coffee time)

10:50 a.m.         Singing of God's Praises

11:00 a.m.         Program:  “Jesus in the news: A consideration of sensational

                          Claims made about Jesus and recent archaeological discoveries”

                          Presenter:  Dr. Craig Evans, Distinguished Professor of

                                                 New Testament at A. D. C.

 12:00 p.m.       New Business     -     Announcements

12:25 p.m.        Closing Hymn and Prayer



You are invited to share a lunch graciously provided by the Willing Workers of

Kingswood Camp.  A freewill offering will be received for their labors of love!



Moderator’s interim report

Glenn Wooden

April 2009


Since assuming the position of Moderator, I have had the pleasure of chairing one meeting of the council, and officiating at the inductions of Kirby Smart (Waterville UBC) and Tim Bigelow (Woodville) and ordination of Debra Mosher (Windsor Plains Baptist Church).


As I have worked and thought about this Association, I realize that what makes us strong is our common ministries, Kingswood Camp and the chaplaincies in senior’s complexes. These represent our common values: a ministry to children and youth, and ensuring that our elders are cared for spiritually when they can no longer live independently. Both are venues for ministry to Christians and venues for the sharing of the gospel of salvation through Jesus our Lord. Some other associations about which I hear do not have such common interests and they are struggling to remain viable.  As we move into the future and changes come about for Kingswood and as the ministries of the chaplains develop, I hope that we will ensure that these common ministries are protected by ensuring that they are adequately supported financially and strengthened through our common efforts on their behalf as congregations in Hants and Kings County. 

Respectfully submitted,

Glenn Wooden



2009 Chaplaincy Report for Spring Session of

   Eastern Valley United Baptist Association

  April 15, 2009

       The Chaplaincy Committee met several times since our last report in November, 2008.

Special Events:  An Ordination Service was held for Rev. Debra Mosher in Windsor Plains United Baptist Church on Saturday, November 8, 2008 at 3:00PM.  A reception followed at Dykeland Lodge, Windsor, where Debra works as the chaplain.

       An Induction Service for Rev. Dr. Judith Saunders was held on Sunday, November 16th, 2008 at 2:00PM in Grand View Manor, Berwick, NS, followed by a reception.  Both services were well attended by the community and church.

        In March, 2009, we met with Derek Ehler and David Rafuse to learn more about the Rev. Don Ehler Memorial Chaplaincy Fund established for the work of chaplaincy at Dykeland Lodge.  It was an informative and helpful evening.  We thank them both for their time and help for us as a committee as we seek to pull together with all who are involved now and over the years in the work of God’s Kingdom.

       We met with our chaplains, Rev. Debra Mosher and Rev. Dr. Judith Saunders at Acadia Divinity College in Wolfville to encourage and support in prayer and _ealize_n concern.  Both chaplains expressed love for their work and their work is greatly appreciated by the administration and residents, staff and their families.

       The Council of the association met in February and voted to increase the paid hours of work for Rev. Mosher at Dykeland from eight to eleven per week as of March, 2009.  It has been previously noted in our reports that the time she spends in preparation and ministry consistently increased to significantly more than eight hours per week.   With the incoming interest from the Rev. Don Ehler Memorial Chaplaincy Fund and funding from the association, this increase in hours is possible.

       We thank all who support in prayer, in giving, both financially and by attendance at the hymn sings the ongoing work to support chaplaincy at Dykeland; the vision and hard work is evident as the chaplaincy fund continues to grow.

       We wrote a proposal in March, 2009 asking for help of Dykeland Lodge to increase Debra’s paid hours from eleven to sixteen, giving her two eight-hour days.  This proposal was agreed upon by Dykeland Lodge and we thank the administration for this financial support.  Debra will be paid by Dykeland Lodge for five extra hours per week beginning May 4th, 2009.


Respectfully Submitted,

Rev. June Keddy, Chair, Chaplaincy Committee



Evangelism Report

This committee has undergone some personnel changes and is in the process of reviewing its mandate.  We are prayerfully seeking direction from the Lord as to how we can better serve His cause in and through this committee. For this reason we have not met yet this year.


Respectfully submitted,

Jan McGuire



Kingswood Camp


Kingswood Camp ( http://www.kingswoodcamp.ca) is an evangelical Christian camp situated on Lake George, Kings County, Nova Scotia, owned and operated by the Eastern Valley Baptist Association and run in cooperation with the Annapolis-Digby Baptist Association. We seek to honour God by providing an atmosphere where campers encounter Jesus Christ and grow as His disciples through wholesome relationships with dedicated Christian leaders, in an inviting outdoor setting, while participating in safe programs and activities relevant to their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development.


Are you ready for the new camping season at Lake George?  The Committee members have been busy over the past winter making plans so that every child who is able can get “Plugged In” this summer.  We cannot; however, have a successful camping season without your help.  If you have not been receiving the news about Kingswood Camp please let our Executive Director, Rev. Pamela Esty or myself know so that we may update your contact information.  We need all of you to promote your Camp in your Churches and in your communities.


The Camp has received a number of wonderful blessings.  John Pierce, from the Kingston area has joined the Camp Committee.  Hennigar House has been warmly received by young and older campers.  The number of applicants for the various positions at Camp this summer has risen.  We have volunteer positions as well as the paid positions, so if you feel lead to volunteer please speak with Pamela Esty.


The major challenge this year has been in the financial area.  Just as with many Churches, personal donations and some Church donations were down last year.  The cost of a child going to camp is not covered by the registration cost.  If the true cost was totally covered by the registration, many children would not be able to afford to attend camp. As a result Kingswood Camp has for many years relied upon donations to balance our budget.


Currently we are over $15,000.00 in debt as a result of the past two years.  (At the same time we give thanks to God for being able to erect the new cabin complex without any debt.)  To try and address the deficit, as you all should have heard (and if you did not please let us know) a pork roast supper was held at the Kentville Baptist Church on Friday April 17.  At the time of writing this report the final results are not available, but


it is thought there will be a profit of over $1,000.00, due in part to the generous donation by Meadow Brook Meat Market.  In addition we also received over $1,000.00 in additional donations to add to the profit of the supper.  We are most grateful for the corporate and personal donations.  While the deficit needs to be addressed; is a fund raising supper a good use of the committee members’ time and of the Executive Director’s time?  I realize that many Churches have had to ask themselves the same question.  Many hours of time and effort were diverted from working on the camp programme and so on, to peal vegetables, to advertise the supper, to set up, to serve, to clean up and so on.  I wish to thank all those who volunteered in helping in the various ways for the supper.  Also a big thank you to all who supported the supper by attending and or donating toward the supper.


Plans are in the works for a musical evening.  If we are able, with your help, to improve our methods of communication, that may not be as time consuming as the supper.  A dinner theater, to be held at Camp, has also been suggested.


The Camp Committee was pleased to have the Atlantic Baptist Women hold their semi-annual meeting at the Camp last weekend and we extend a very warm welcome to the Easter Valley United Baptist Association members today. We hope to see many of you here again in the near future.  Everyone is welcome to help on Camp Clean up day on Saturday May 30.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in seeing the Camp and some of the programmes, please bring them for Camp Day on Saturday June 13.  When the Camp is not being used for the regular camps it is available to be rented by various groups.  We have been blessed by having more rentals during the first three months of 2009 then we had in all of 2008.  If you or your group would like to rent the Camp please contact our Executive Director at estey@kingswoodcamp.ca or via telephone.


The Camp has a first class canoe for sale or to trade for several training canoes.  We wish to expand opportunities of learning for the campers and this includes the need for more canoes to train in.  Plans are in place to improve the waterfront at the Camp and to build a new games’ field as funds are available once our deficit is addressed.


Please stay “tuned” for future announcements concerning your Camp as the incorporation process moves forward and as we plan and advertise fund raising activities.  We thank you for your support of Kingswood Camp this year.  Please keep the Camp and all the individuals involved in your prayers. Please join the Camp Committee in rejoicing over what is accomplished at Camp.  We offer our thanks and praise for the continued work of the Holy Spirit.  May we all receive continued blessings for the remainder of 2009.



Respectfully submitted,

Allison Magee,

Chairperson of Kingswood Camp Committee




Eastern Valley Baptist Association

Leadership Development Committee

Report May 2009


       The Leadership Development Committee met March 19th at Acadia Divinity College to interview candidates seeking to receive or renew an Association License to Minister.

       The following have been interviewed and are recommended by the Committee to receive or renew an Association License to Minister:


 Renewal Association License:

Chad Clements

Chad is in his third year at Acadia Divinity College in the Bachelor of Theology program and will graduate May 2009.  He is currently a pastoral intern and youth leader at Centreville Baptist Church.  Chad will be returning to Acadia Divinity College for the Master of Divinity program.

Karen Doucette

Karen graduated May 2008 from Acadia Divinity College with a Bachelor of Theology degree. She is currently Pastor at Oxford and Little River United Baptist Churches.

Marion Jamer

Marion is in her second year at Acadia Divinity College in the Master of Divinity program.  She is doing her Supervised Field Education at Hantsport  Baptist Church where she is active in a variety of ministries.  Marion feels called to youth and family ministry in the community setting.

Seth Moore

Seth is in his third year at Acadia Divinity College in the Master of Divinity program and will graduate May 2009.  Seth is doing his Supervised Field Ed.  at Wolfville United Baptist Church where he is active in the youth ministry.

Vanessa Moore

Vanessa is in her third year at Acadia Divinity College in the Master of Divinity program and will graduate May 2009.  Vanessa is doing her Supervised Field Education at Bethany United Baptist Church where she is active in a variety of ministries.

Borden Scott

Borden is in his third year at Acadia Divinity College in the Master of Divinity program and will graduate May 2009.  He is part time student pastor and Supervised Field Education student at Hantsport Baptist Church where he is active in various ministry opportunities.


Renewal Association Lay License

Jan McGuire

Jan is a graduate of the Lay Pastor Program and is in a partnership ministry with her husband Chuck at Harmony United Baptist Church where she is active  in a variety of ministry duties.  Jan feels called to minister with her husband Chuck as the Lord leads them.


The Leadership Development Committee meets twice a year to interview candidates for new and renewal of Associations License to Minister.  The next  interviews will be in September-October, dates to be announced.


Respectively Submitted,

In Christ,  Rev. Ellen Hunt              



Missions Committee Report May 2009

 Grants have been provided by the Atlantic Baptist Mission Board to three churches  in our Association – Forest Hill, West Brooklyn, and Woodville. An additional grant has gone to Forest Hill from the EVUB Association. Any church desiring a grant should speak to the Regional Minister and the chair of the Missions Committee.


The Missions Committee encourages church leaders to attend  the Healthy Small Churches Seminar  on May 20th from 9:00-4:00 at First Cornwallis UBC.


The Missions Committee would like to help our member churches share ideas and events of a mission nature through the EVBA website.  This will only work if the churches send us information.

 We feel that each of you have interesting ways of promoting Missions in your church and the sharing of your ideas will help others to find speakers, arrange programs and to help advertise your events.

Please send us information about:

            Events of a Mission nature that will be happening in your Church

          A question and answer category where you can ask for ideas on certain subjects, speakers etc.         and respond to questions others have.

          Successes that you have had with  certain programs.  Feel free to send pictures of your events.


Some guidelines:

We should keep the information at the local level.

We will try to update the website monthly. We would like to have the information by the 15th of the month, for inclusion the next month.

The notices on the website would be in power point and bulletin insert format.

We will be flexible about the information we receive until we get a handle on what you churches want.

 The place to send the information is valleymissions@gmail.com.  Also check out the website http://easternvalleybaptist.com/missions.htm

 Let us use the information highway to become more informed about what is happening in Missions in our local Churches.

Respectfully submitted

Brian Wheaton, Chair                        



(Helping Churches Grow Passionate Disciples)


10 Westwood Avenue, Wolfville, NS  B4P 1X9  (902) 542-4105

Email: ron.baxter@baptist-atlantic.ca  Web Site: www.baptist-atlantic/region2/



May 2, 2009 at Kingswood Camp, Lake George, NS


Pastors / Churches    Kempt UBC received interim ministry from Rev. Johan Eichhorn until Easter, and since then from Andrew Kasprzak; Upper Vaughan UBC called Rev. Gary Manthorne effective December 1/08; Falmouth UBC has received notice of Rev. Wayne Merrill’s intention to conclude his ministry effective May 31/09; Canning UBC has Rev. Murray Shaw as Interim Pastor; Coldbrook BC has Rev. Bill Davenport as consistent pulpit supply; Billtown UBC is being served by Rev. Jerry Zinck as Interim Pastor; Woodville UBC has inducted Pastor Timothy Bigelow; Black Rock UBC has Rev. Liz Johnson providing consistent pulpit supply; Waterville UBC has inducted Rev. Kirby Smart; Lawrencetown UBC has received notice of Rev. Barbara Bishop’s decision to retire effective July 30/09;

Bridgetown UBC had Rev. Barry Aitken as their Interim Pastor until March 15th, and since then Rev. Keith Churchill has provided pastoral services; and the Annapolis Royal Pastorate has Rev. Bob Reid serving as their Pastor.


The New Minas Baptist Church is hosting John Maxwell’s 2009 Maximum Impact Simulcast on Friday, May 8/09, and graciously invited Region 2 Pastors to register by April 24th without fee as their guests.


A.D.C.                        The winter semester has concluded.  The annual Commissioning Service,

with Dr. Lois Mitchell as the guest preacher, will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, May 8/09 at the Wolfville Baptist Church.


At the 3 p.m. Convocation Service at University Hall on Sunday, May 10/09, not only will the ADC graduates receive their earned degrees, but Dr. Lois Mitchell will be awarded the honorary degree Doctor of  Divinity, and also Measha Brueggergosman will be awarded the honorary degree Doctor of Music.


Associations   The Eastern Valley Association Deacon & Pastor Workshop on March 21st

at the Pereaux Baptist Church had 84 persons in attendance to hear Drs. John Weiler and Frank Guinta.  In 2010 the Wolfville Baptist Deacons will host this Workshop on Saturday, March 6th.


Regional Working Group    The RWG asks the EVA & the A-DA to ratify the following motions passed by the RWG on Feb. 3rd:

  1. That the appointment of Rev. Ron Baxter as Regional Minister on a time basis from January 1 to June 30, 2009 is approved.

  2. That the request of the CABC Executive Minister, Rev. Peter Reid, that Rev. Ron Baxter’s term as Regional Minister be extended for two years is approved with the understanding that the RWG will in May of 2009 evaluate the appropriateness of continuing regional ministry on a time basis.



Personal         I have seen the sense of continuing to serve as Regional Minister during

these upcoming two years as our Executive Minister works himself into his new role, and the Convention adapts to the current economic climate.


Please be advised that I am scheduled to be either “off work” or “on vacation” from June 15th through July 12th


Convention    On Sunday, May 10/09 Rev. Peter Reid, our Executive Minister, will receive the Doctor of Ministry degree at the Acadia University Convocation.


On Wednesday, May 20/09, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Rev. Dennis Bickers will present his one-day seminar on “The Healthy Small Church” at the 1st Cornwallis Baptist Church at Upper Canard (Route 341 at Middle Dyke Road, i.e., Exit 12 off the #101 Highway).  Register now via www.baptist-atlantic.ca for $50 per person. The registration fee at the door is $55 per person.  The fee includes a great seminar, handouts, refreshments and lunch plus access to La Bonne Nouvelle Book Display.  You can preview the writings of Dennis Bickers at www.bivocationalministries.com .


A Financial Planning Seminar for CABC Pastors & Spouses is scheduled for May 25 & 26 at Atlantic Baptist University complements of the CABC Pension and Insurance Board.  Contact Karen Gunn to register (506-635-1922 Ext. 108 or karen.gunn@baptist-atlantic.ca ) or visit the CABC Web Site (www.baptist-atlantic.ca ).


The Lay Pastor Training Programme for the 2009 first year class will be hosted by the Birch Cove Baptist Church in Halifax beginning on September 11 – 12, 2009.  The Registration deadline is June 30/09.  Application are available on-line ( www.baptist-atlantic.ca ) or from your Regional Minister.  The second year class will continue to meet at the Bridgewater Baptist Church, and the third year class will continue to meet at the Centreville Baptist Church (Kings County).


United In Mission – “Growing Healthy Churches


UIM contributions to the end of March (2009) from eleven churches (i.e., 24%) in the Eastern Valley Association totaled $31,901 (up from $29,441 in 2008); and twelve (i.e., 39%) + eight (i.e., 44%) churches in the Annapolis-Digby Association totaled $19,582 + $3,217 = $22,799 (up from $8,426 + $4,265 = $12,691 in 2008).  The CABC Treasurer’s Report to March 31/09 shows an income of $382,500 (up from $350,389 in 2008).  In the first quarter of 2009 14.10% of the $2,713,700 UIM Goal for 2009 was achieved.  


Remember: “ Stronger.  Together.”  Let’s do our part!




        On Monday February 16th, the Social Action Committee held a seminar to help those facing job layoffs.  Our speakers were:  Gilles Belliveau and Jennie Enman of Service Canada and Susan Reardon of the NS Department of Community Services.  Pastor John Andrew also spoke to remind people that pastors are available for counselling and emotional support.  The Canadian Mental Health Association provided free brochures.  The attendance was average.  The extensive layoffs here in the Valley continue to be a real concern.

        In the near future, the Social Action committee is planning a seminar on how churches can be pro-active in Waste Management and "reduce, re-use, recycle".  We can do our part in the stewardship of God's creation.

        Our committee continues to support the work of the Rapha Initiative of our Convention.  The Rapha Initiative is planning to create a DVD to promote a better understanding of mental health issues among our churches.

        Geraldine Browning has resigned from our committee.  Jennifer Smart is the new chairperson and Chuck McGuire is the new secretary.


Respectfully submitted,


Rev. Jennifer Smart




APRIL 15, 2009


            The Committee met twice this spring and reviewed the financial statements as presented by the Treasurer of the Association. Two matters have been of concern.


            Firstly the Stewardship Committee recommended to the Chaplaincy Committee that they consider increasing the hours of the Chaplain at Dykeland Lodge to be covered from the interest on the Don Ehler Fund. Those managing the Don Elher Fund had expressed concern that funds accumulated since 2007 had not been used for the intended purpose, support of the chaplaincy at Dykeland Lodge. The Chaplaincy committee had not included a request for extended hours when our fall budget was approved. As a result our committee recommended to Council at its February meeting to increase the ministry by 3 hours per week. This recommendation was approved.


           The second matter relates to those churches which did not contribute to the mission and ministry of the Association last year. Fund-raising is not included among the responsibilities of the Stewardship Committee, yet the Committee felt some action should be taken to keep all of our churches involved in what we do together. A lack of


contributions may indicate poor communications on the part of the Association.

            To that end we are recommending to the Moderator, that the Clerk send a letter of encouragement to those churches which had not contributed last year.


            This year to the 13th of April, income has exceeded expenses by $938.28. Balances held in the current account total $ 8,426.91, with an additional $ 23,741.96 invested with the Baptist Foundation. Currently the Baptist Foundation is offering 3.5 % on deposits under $100,000.


            The Stewardship Committee has only four members at present. The usual number is six. We would welcome two others to join our numbers.


Respectfully Submitted


Marshall Jones, Chair                                  Roger Cann, Secretary









            Individuals                                                                   $0.00                    

            Church Groups                                                             20.00                    

            Baptist Churches                                                        210.00                      

            Eastern Valley Assoc. Offering                                     000.00                      

            West Hants Baptist Fellowship Services -                                                                                            Windsor                             0.00                                 

                        Falmouth                        593.77                                

                        Scotch Village                 259.34                                  

                        Mt. Denson                        0.00                               

                        Hantsport                       430.05                                

                        Upper Vaughan               349.38                                  

                        Windsor Plains                326.27                                  

                        South Rawdon                421.14                                  

                        Dykeland Lodge               402.89                                


            Christian Unity Service                                                     0.00             

            Dykeland Component -                                                                

                        Individuals                0.00                                   

                        Music Fund Raiser     0.00                                   


            Memorial Donations                                                        0.00             

            Ladies Breakfast                                                             0.00                       

            Men's Breakfast                                                              0.00                      


            Interest -                                                                  

                        Bank Interest                               1.54                              

                        Baptist Foundation - Int.  1940.54                               


            TOTAL REVENUE                                                      $4,954.92     


            Eastern Valley Association of Baptist Churches      1,942.08                      


            TOTAL EXPENDITURES                                                                                   $1,942.08           


EXCESS OF REVENUE OVER EXPENDITURES                                                     $3,012.84    

FUND BALANCE, JAN. 1, 2008                                                                          54,675.63

FUND BALANCE, DEC. 31, 2008                                                                      $57,688.47



Respectfully Submitted,

David C. Rafuse, Treasurer                


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