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May, 2004



Eastern Valley United Baptist Association

Saturday, May 1st, 2004


Coldbrook Baptist Church, Coldbrook, N. S.

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Hosick,              Rev. Gary Countway

   Moderator                                   Host Pastor


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Moderator (Jeffrey Hosick)
Treasurer (Emily Samson)
Stewardship (Marc Potvin)
Rev. Don Ehler Memorial Chaplaincy Fund (Derek Ehler)
Chaplaincy Committee (Jeffrey White)                             
Youth Association
(Tim Johnson)
Kingswood Camp (Jennifer Levy)
Acadia Divinity College (Lee McDonald)
Social Action Commission (Sylvia Hudson)
Mission Committee Report (Ellen Saunders)
Evangelism Committee (Bill Davenport)
Leadership Development (Wayne Merrill)
Regional Minister (Ronald Baxter)
WMS Association (Irma Elliott)
Gladys M. Manning Retirement Community (Pearl McClare)

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DEVOTIONAL          -           Rev. Gary Countway, Pastor, Host Church


PRESENTATION      -           “Harvest House”  Ministry by Mr. Cal Maskery



          Welcome to New Pastors, Guests, and Delegates

          Rules of Order

          Minutes from November 2003 Meeting

          Business Arising from the Minutes

          Notices of Motion



PRESENTATION     -            CBM Volunteer Project by Mrs. Eva Wheaton












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Chaplaincy Committee Report - Spring 2004


After about a one year period of very little activity, the Chaplaincy Committee has regained momentum this year, 2004.  At our March meeting I was officially elected Chair and Heather Taylor elected Secretary.  We have five members, but could and should have six.  Thus far this year we have been seeking to deal with some financial issues that needed clarification, but shall resume our focus upon the ministries of supervision and support to our chaplains, Liz and Gerry, and promotion of the work of these chaplaincies.  With regard to the chaplaincies at Dykeland Lodge and Grandview Manor we are considering new needs and opportunities, and so we appreciate everyone's prayers that we may discern God's guidance in such matters.


Respectfully submitted,

Jeffrey White, Chair


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Youth Association Report


To the Eastern Valley Baptist Association


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,


Over the past four months there have been four meetings of youth leaders and pastors interested in developing an association wide network of youth ministry.  The primary objective is to develop Association Youth Rallies to provide a place for our Christian Youth to enjoy worship and challenging messages in their own language.  From these meetings an ad hoc executive has been formed.  Ted Champion of Port Williams is the vice chair, Jon Levy of New Minas is treasurer, Allison Kirkbride and Mitch DeWare from Acadia Divinity College are leading publicity.  We are in the process of developing the Youth Rallies.


The idea of having a Youth Association was decided upon by the Association Council in the fall of 2003.  Since that date we have met with Bruce Fawcett in Wolfville for suggestions on how to approach the task.  He provided us with very good information which we are using as a basis to develop these worship events.


Our goal is to have finalised details for the fall meeting of EVBA with dates, places, speakers and worship teams.  Please join us in prayer that our youth in the EVBA and beyond will taste and see how good the Lord is!


Blessings on you,


Pastor Tim Johnson

Youth Association Chair

RR#2, Windsor, NS

B0N 2T0


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10 Westwood Ave., Wolfville, NS B4P 1X9 (902) 542-4105
E-mail: ron.baxter@baptist-atlantic.ca Web Site: www.baptist-atlantic.ca/region2/

May 1, 2004 at Coldbrook Baptist Church, Coldbrook, NS

In January 2004 we passed the half-way mark in my five year term as Regional Minister. The two and one-half years that have passed have given Sharon and me an opportunity to meet the majority of our pastors and a significant number of the members of our eighty-eight Baptist churches in Region 2.

The current Regional Working Group, composed of John Tufts (Chairman - Annapolis County), Bernice MacLean (Secretary - Annapolis County), Wilma Janzen (Treasurer - Kings County), Peter Lohnes (Kings County), and John Bartol (Vice-chairman - Hants County), has met four times annually with your Regional Minister. Their purpose is:

To provide spiritual, moral, and personal support to the Regional Minister in the conduct of his/her life and ministry within the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches on behalf of the Associations within that Region in which he/she serves.
(From: Regional Working Group “Statement of Purpose,” adopted April 24, 2003)

At the meeting on March 18, 2004 Rev. Kevin Grant and Dr. Jeff Hosick, the Association Moderators, were present to share with the Regional Working Group members in meeting with your Regional Minister.

Although the Regional Minister is accountable to the Executive Minister of the Convention, Dr. Harry Gardner, the Chairman of the Regional Working Group, John Tufts, is invited to participate with the Executive Minister in an annual appraisal of the job performance of your Regional Minister.

The five aspects of the ministry that I have been called to provide include:

1. Pastoral care for Pastors and Christian Workers;
2. Assistance to local churches in their search for a new pastor, in addressing conflict, in celebrating (e.g., evangelistic services, educational events, anniversaries, etc.);
3. Visionary leadership and resources to Associations, their Council and their committees (e.g., Mission Committee, Kingswood Camp Committee, etc.) particularly as these relate to the CABC objectives - to evangelize, to teach and to serve;
4. Participation with specific agencies of the Convention (e.g., Board of Ministerial Standards & Education, Lay Pastor Training Program Committee, etc.), being a member of the CABC Field Ministry Team, and being a CABC staff presence with faculty and students at Acadia Divinity College; and
5. Attendance at quarterly meetings with the members of the Regional Working Group.

Thanks for supporting United in Mission in 2003. 83.9% of the $2,891,600 goal was realized. I hope your church has risen to the Convention’s inVISION CHALLENGE for 2004-2006. Although your church is not issued a fee for service, the cost of regional ministry is paid for by your support of UIM.

I look forward to continued ministry with you throughout 2004.

NEWPORT UBC Rev. Terry Coldwell, Sunday Supply ‘til May 30/04 due to the illness and death on April 11/04 of Rev. David Porter.
UPPER VAUGHAN UBC Rev. David Shaw, Part-time Interim
HANTSPORT UBC Rev. John Bartol concluded his pastoral interim on April 11/04
Rev. Jim Bragan concludes his intentional interim on May 9/04
Youth Pastor Andrew Morse concludes on June 12/04 to move to Hillsborough UBC in NB
STONEY HILL/AVONPORT UBC’s Pastor Bob Burbidge concluded his supply ministry on January 25/04
Rev. Gail Whatlen-Dunn returned from maternity leave on February 2/04
WOLFVILLE UBC Rev. Judith Gates concluded her interim on April 30 Rev. Dr. Barry Morrison moved from part-time interim to full-time Pastor on May 1/04, and on May 16 at 7 p.m. will be inducted as Senior Pastor.
PEREAUX UBC Rev. Karl Uhrstrom concluded his ministry on March 31/04 in order to accept the CBM appointment as co-ordinator of the El Salvador Mission.
Lic. Darryl Dykens concludes his youth ministry in May.
Rev. Dr. Dennis Veinotte will serve as part-time interim from May 1/04.
CENTREVILLE UBC Lic. Phil Woodworth concludes his Children/Youth ministry in order to move to Cornerstone UBC in Cornwall, PEI.
Lic. David Woodworth will direct Children/Youth ministry beginning in July, 2004.
BILLTOWN/WOODVILLE UBC Rev. Murray Shaw concludes as interim on June 30.
Rev. Randall Read has been called as Pastor effective August 1/04.
WATERVILLE UBC Rev. Miriam Uhrstrom concluded her ministry on March 31/04 in order to move to Victoria Avenue Baptist Church in Belleville, ON on June 1/04.
Rev. John Beers is to serve as part-time interim effective May 3/04.
ACADIA DIVINITY COLLEGE Dr. Sue Konkel-White concluded her service as Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care and Counselling, and Dean of Students on April 30/04.

2004/2005 LAY PASTOR TRAINING PROGRAM at Hebron UBC (Yarmouth County)

The LPTP is offered in order to train and enhance the ministry skills of (a) persons who are currently serving as lay pastors, (b) persons who are sensing God’s call to prepare for lay pastoral ministry, and (c) lay persons who wish to enhance their ministry skills for service in their home church.
The LPTP courses are taught on specific Friday nights and Saturdays over a three year period. In the 2004 fall semester the dates are: September 10/11; November 5/6; and January 7/8, 2005. In the 2005 winter semester the dates are: January 28/29; April ˝; and May 27/28.
For further information contact your Regional Minister or Mrs. Jacqueline Derrah (c/o CABC, 1655 Manawagonish Road, Saint John, NB E2M 3Y2), (506) 738-3589, jiderrah@nb.sympatico.ca .

August 11 - 13 at Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB
Keynote Speaker: Rev. Dr. Dallas Willard
Theme: “Apprenticed to Jesus in the 21st Century”
Ask you church clerk or your pastor for a registration form.

Special Event for Pastors and their Spouse - - An Afternoon with Dallas Willard
Wednesday, August 11th, from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. in Sackville, NB (Site TBA)

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Traditionally we meet twice a year, in the Spring and Fall.


In the Fall 2003 we met at Morristown.  Our speaker was Marilyn Steeves our Executive Director.  Our special guest was Shirley Giberson who was completing her term as President of our ABW.   Our meetings begin with registration followed by a Pot-Luck supper.


Jennifer Levy gave a report on Kingswood Camp and told us 368 campers had attended last summer.  Plans are underway for 2004 camps.


 Barb Irving and Elaine Shaw, who had attended the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the Baptist Women’s’ Union of Bolivia gave a report on their trip.


We try to aid our Mission work around the world as well as here at home.

Thanks to all who support us in our efforts to be witnesses for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Irma Elliott,



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Gladys M. Manning Retirement Community


Phase 3 of the Gladys M. Manning Retirement Community is well under way.  It is a 3-story structure, connected to Phase 2 by a breezeway.  There are 37 apartments and most of them are already spoken for.  A meeting of prospective tenants was held and people were given the opportunity to choose options for their unit, and make a deposit.  Many of the units have a balcony.  Some of the options included floor carpets or hardwood flooring, washer and dryer hookups, wall oven, etc.


Steven Campbell, from Moncton, Executive Director, and a representative of an interior decorating firm, were recently at the complex, and with Bette Smith, chair of the Advisory Committee, chose colors and other décor for the new apartments.  It is anticipated that tenants will be able to move in on June 1st.


The units in Phases 1 and 2 are presently fully occupied.


Names for the three buildings have been selected but await final approval.


Hilda Dill, House Administrator, who had charge of renting and interviewing tenants, had to leave some time ago, because of injuries sustained in a car accident.  Her replacement recently resigned and a new person has been engaged to care for the house administrative duties.


Respectfully submitted,


D. Pearl McClare

Member of the Gladys M. Manning Retirement Community Advisory Committee


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