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May, 2005



Minutes of

Eastern Valley United Baptist Association

Kingswood Camp, Lake George, NS

May 14, 2005


59 people registered representing 24 churches.  There were also 11 young people present who serve as staff for Kingswood Camp.


Welcome, Singing & Devotional:


Moderator John Beers opened the meeting and welcomed everyone at 9:00 am


A time of singing was led by Marion Jamer (Hantsport)


Glenn Wooden, Kingswood Camp Committee Chair, welcomed everyone to the Camp and led in a devotional based on Psalm 19 noting how the three parts of the Psalm fit nicely with the ministry at Kingswood Camp.  1) Creation declared the glory of God - Kingswood is in a beautiful nature setting  2) The Law of the Lord  - the Word of God is proclaimed at Kingswood to further add to the knowledge of God  3) Personal Application - we take in all that is declared and apply it to our lives.


Rules of order were read by the clerk. (Wayne Merrill, Falmouth)


The meeting was opened with prayer by Clarence Bungay. (South Rawdon)


Motion:  It was moved by Jeff Hosick (Kentville) and seconded by Jeff Irving (Harmony) that the minutes of the November 6, 2004 meeting held at South Rawdon be accepted.  Motion carried.


One error in the minutes was noted.  Pamela Estey is with the Canning Baptist Church, not the Third Horton.




Moderator John Beers announced that we would be looking at the reports all together and that any action items would be dealt with later.  He then invited anyone who had a report to give which was not in the book to come and do so.


Nominating Committee:  Jeff Hosick gave an oral report for the nominating committee wit the following updates:  On the Regional Working Group, Wilma Janzen came off and Gail Whalen-Dunn (Avonport/Lochartville) went on.  Kingswood Camp Committee added Vincent Leung (Port Williams), Glenn Wooden (Third Horton) and Glen Clayton (representing Annapolis-Digby United

Baptist Association).  Evangelism Committee added Pamela Estey (Canning).  Gerry Zinc resigned from the Leadership and Development Committee and was replaced by Jennifer Levy (Kingswood Camp Director)


Moderator John Beers opened the meeting for comments or questions about the reports in the book.


Ron Baxter (Regional Minister) updated his report  noting that as of April 30 our giving to the UIM has increased by $14,000 and that to date Region 2 is in excess of last year by over $15,000. He thanked and congratulated us for our efforts.


Ellen Saunders reported that the application for a grant for Wolfville Ridge Baptist Church, which is referred to in the Missions Committee report, was not able to be given due to lack of funds.


John Beers updated the Moderator’s report noting that he had attended the ADC Commissioning Service and Banquet and commended ADC on the fine work they were doing.  He informed  us that there were about 20 graduates this year and that this year also saw the highest enrollment in ADC history.


It was noted that the date on the cover of the report book was wrong and should read 2005 rather than 2004.  The clerk will put a new cover on the report book that is to be sent to the Archives.


Johann Eichhorn spoke on behalf of the Evangelism Committee and reminded churches of their upcoming display at the Apple Blossom Festival.  He noted that we need to have any promotional material we want displayed in the booth to the old Kentville Arena between 9 and 12 Friday morning.  He also said they would appreciate help in loading supplies and partitions around 8:30 am Friday morning from Bethany Memorial Baptist Church.


Laurie Hennigar reported that in answer to prayer, Kingswood Camp now had a photocopier.


Treasurer Emily Samson spoke about the financial reports.  She noted we are doing well with a surplus of $1600 and church allotments are coming in well.   She then answered questions.


Motion:  It was moved by Terry Coldwell (Hantsport) and seconded by Virginia DeAdder (Cambridge) that all report be accepted as printed or given orally.  Motion carried.


Action Items From Reports:


Stewardship Committee:  Marc Potvin noted that in the Stewardship report (item 2) Kingswood camp had requested a grant of $10,000 to make a road to the beach and other capital projects. 


Motion:  It was moved by Marc Potvin (Centreville) and seconded by Darryl Dykens (Upper Vaughan) that the Association grant $10,000 to Kingswood Camp to build a road to the beach and if any money was left over from that it could be used for other capital expenses.  Motion carried.


Marc also noted that the committee had discussed the issue of Abuse liability insurance. (item 3 in the report) and that the only option they see is for us to become our own policy holder.  This would mean creating a fund for this purpose.  They purpose to go to all Association churches with three questions: 1)How many congregations have adopted the protocol on abuse prepared and recommended by Convention or another protocol similar in nature? 2) How many congregations are currently paying for Abuse Liability insurance? 3) How many congregations would be interested in a joint project to cover court cost, and possibly damage settlements?


If there is not enough interest from the churches this will not be pursued. Marc indicated he was looking for direction from the meeting. Is this something to pursue?  Several people commented and were very much in favor of this idea. The consensus was that they move ahead with this idea.


Kingswood Camp: Glenn Wooden drew attention to the first request mentioned in the Kingswood Camp report.  The Committee does not have a full complement of 12 members and needs more.  They ask that we allow a non Baptist, Ms Danielle Ingram, to be added to the committee.  This person is well qualified and would be a great asset to the committee.


There was some discussion as to the implications of allowing a non Baptist on the committee and the precedent it might set.  Glen noted that this was not a request for a change of where committee members come from but rather a one time allowance.


Motion:  It was moved by Glenn Wooden (Third Horton) and seconded by Ed Shaw (Bethany Memorial) that we allow this name to stand for this one time until a principle with regard to non Baptists be established.  Motion carried.


Social Action:  Fran Woodside reminded us of the upcoming program on Suicide which will be held on June 4 at Port Willaims Baptist Church.


Leadership and Development:  Ethel Fulton presented the names for Association licenses.


Motion:  It was moved by Ethel Fulton (Centreville) and seconded by Jeff Hosick (Kentville) that we grant these Association Licenses.  Motion carried.


Moderator John Beers asked if there was a report on the Tidal Impact which is planned for our area.  Ron Baxter reported that Tidal Impact will take place here in the Valley and in Halifax in the summer of 2006.  Committees are meeting to put the foundations in place.  They will soon be looking for churches to participate.  Pamela Estey reported that she is part of one of those committees and things are going well.


Daniel Jamer (Hantsport) was asked to offer prayer for Tidal Impact.


Past Moderator Jeff Hosick was invited to the front to offer prayer for all committees.  Committee chairs, officers and the Regional Minister were asked to come forward and all committee members to stand.  Jeff offered prayer.


A coffee break was enjoyed at this time (even without coffee) followed by a time of singing led by Marion Jamer.  An offering was received.


Moderator John Beers gave the  mailing address for Association:  


Eastern Valley United Baptist Association

9064 Commercial St.

PO Box 10023

New Minas, NS

B4N 5K1




Clarence Bungay announced that South Rawdon will be celebrating its 100th anniversary with speaker Ron Baxter


Jeff Irving announced that on May 15 there would be a Gospel concert at Harmony


Rally in the Valley  - May 15 at 7:30 pm at New Minas Baptist


West Hants Fellowship Service will be at Hantsport Baptist on May 22 at 7:00 pm


Aylesford Baptist has  radio station 101.1 FM


Kingswood Presentsation:


At this point the program was turned over to Kingswood Camp for a special presentation.


Camp director Jennifer Levy introduced some of the youth who will be serving as staff at camp this year. Two of them , Chris Ward and Emily Feltmate offered testimonies of what camp has meant to them.


Camp Committee Chair Glenn Wooden gave an introduction to camp.  He noted that we as Baptists are leaders in the area of Youth ministry and camp is a big part of that. It is an important ministry for training future leaders.


Jennifer gave an overview of camp  as a slide show ran with many pictures of camping activities. She stressed the leadership training part of camp and had displayed on the bulletin board a list of different modules to be taught.  She is looking for people to teach these modules.


Glenn talked about a vision for the camp.  We have a large amount of land and are using very little of it. He spoke of camp being a place for training leaders. Also being a retreat place offering year round programs.  Plans for new cabins were also presented.


Glenn then presented request #2 from his written report.  As a committee, any expenditure over $5000 needs authorization from Association. Kingswood is requesting permission to spend the necessary money to upgrade the electrical and put in a road and do basic upgrading of the camp. They also want permission to look for any additional funding necessary to make up the difference between what Association gives, what the Camp presently has, and what will be needed.


Motion:  It was moved by Glenn Wooden (Third Horton) and seconded by Marilyn Hebert (Kentville) that Association grant the camp committee permission to spend the necessary money to do the basic upgrading of the camp and to look for additional funding necessary.  Motion carried.


Laurie Hennigar presented the financial statements of the camp.


Motion:  It was moved by Laurie Hennigar (Centreville) and seconded by Clarence Bungay (South Rawdon) that we accept the financial statements.  Motion carried.


Laurie shared some good news about several large donations which had been made to the camp noting there seems to be a renewed interest in this ministry.


There was a time for questions regarding the camp.


Some important dates: 


June 4 - Camp workday  8 am - 8pm    There will be a list of tasks needing to be done on the camp website for which people can sign up.


July 9 - Camp day.  A time for people to check out the camp.


Marc Potvin offered thanks and presented a check for $10,000 to the camp on behalf of Association.


At this point we adjourned to tour the camp grounds as the room was set up for dinner.  Vice Moderator Graham Thomas closed with prayer.


First time visitor John MacLeod offered a word of encouragement noting this was his first experience of our Association and he was very impressed. He wished us well.


After a tour of the grounds a delicious dinner was served by ladies from the Aylesford Baptist Church.  The free-will offering collected for the dinner was donated to Kingswood Camp.


Next Association meeting will be held at Windsor Baptist Church on November 5. 

Registration at 8:30 am  Meeting at 9:00 am


Respectfully submitted,


Wayne Merrill

Association Clerk


To submit information for or questions/comments about this website, email info@easternvalleybaptist.com

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