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Minutes of the Eastern Valley Association

at Windsor United Baptist Church
November 5, 2005


74 people registered representing 23 churches.

Moderator Rev. John Beers called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Host Pastor, Rev. Jeffrey White, welcomed everyone to Windsor Baptist Church and led in a devotional entitled “Race of the Faithful Life” based on Hebrews 12 and 1 Corinthians 9:24ff. We then sang the hymn “Gentle Shepherd” and Jeffrey led in Prayer.

Moderator John Beers welcomed new pastors (Brian Reid, Darryl Dykens, Todd Coldwell, Devon Johnston) guests and delegates.

The rules of order were read by the clerk.

Rev. Peter Lhones opened the session with prayer.

A special presentation on Racial Justice was presented. This was a repeat of the session our Social Action Committee offered in November 2004. Rev. Hedley Hopkins acted as facilitator. The presenters were: Elias Mutale (CABC Racial Justice Committee), Mrs. Geraldine Browning (Gibson Woods Baptist Church), Mrs. Carolyn Thomas (African United Baptist Association)

This was a moving and challenging presentation and was greatly appreciated by all in attendance.
Rev. John McNally offered prayer following the presentation.

Minutes: The minutes were presented by the clerk. Several corrections were made: p5. South Rawdon celebrated the 100 anniversary of the Baptist Union not an anniversary service; p6. Marilyn Heber misspelled; p2. Kingswood Camp names were added in November not at Spring Association.

Motion: (Wayne Merrill/Elizabeth Smith) To accept the minutes. Motion carried.

Moderator John Beers announced that we would be adopting all the reports in the book together and that any action items would be dealt with later. He then offered the opportunity for people to comment on the reports or to present any report that was not in the book.

Kingswood Camp: Dr. Glenn Wooden commented on the Kingswood report. He noted that tests on the water had not been good. Both E-Coli and Total Coliform had been present in the well water. He noted that this problem may have to be remedied before the camp can be opened again. This may mean added expense.

Rally In The Valley / Youth Association: Todd Colwell gave an update on the youth work and noted that a web page had been established for Rally in the Valley. It is
www.ritv.ca. He reported on the two recent Rallies and announced that the next one will be held at Kingsway Assemblies on November 20. This Rally will focus on Tidal Impact.

Social Action: Rev. Hedley Hopkins commented on the up coming workshop on abuse which will be held at Hantsport Baptist Church on November 12 from 9am - 12 noon. He also noted that the Social Action Committee is recommending the book “Wars Are Never Enough” by John Keith as a good resource for pastors and leaders.

An offering was received as Elizabeth Smith played the piano.

Chaplaincy Committee: Rev. Jeffrey White offered an oral report as there was no written report. He noted that the committee has not been active in their role to support and encourage our chaplains. Jeffrey apologized and noted that he will not remain as chair of this committee.

Regional Minister’s Report: Rev. Ron Baxter commented on his report noting 7 things:
1. There is a special meeting for pastors at Pereaux Baptist Church on November 16 with Rev.
Greg Jones and Dr. Malcolm Beckett.
2. Tidal Impact is coming in the summer of 2006. He urged churches to become involved in this
exciting time.
3. The Annual Eastern Valley Pastor 7 Deacons Workshop will be hosted by the Harmony UBC
from 9am - 3pm on Saturday, March 11/06.
4. There will be a special service at Zion Baptist Church on Thursday, April 20 celebrating the
100th anniversary of Baptist Union.
5. A DVD is available which was made for the celebration of the Baptist Union.
6. We are one of two Associations who have contributed more to UIM this year than last year.
7. There is an electric organ available for donation to a church by a couple in the Association who are “downsizing.”

Stewardship: Rev. Marc Potvin commented on the treasurers report and noted that at present we have a deficit of $10,819.98. There are two reasons for this: 1) Church allotments are down 2)Expenditures are up as we increased chaplaincy hours and are helping support the Kingswood Camp director’s salary.

Marc then presented the budget for 2006 noting that we will continue to support the director’s salary at Kingswood camp. He noted that we were not able to offer a $10,000 grant to Kingswood which had been requested. He encouraged churches to look at their giving noting that is every church gave the recommended $17 per worshipper there would be no problem. Discussion followed.

Motion: (Marc Potvin/Roger Cann) That we accept the budget for 2006. Motion carried.

Marc outlined the process for being reimbursed by the treasurer for expenses. Write a note explaining the expense with your name, address and copy of receipts, and mail it to the Association address. Cheques are issued once a month, usually in the first week.

Marc also noted that the Stewardship Committee had received the audited financial statements for the year 2004.

Motion: (Marc Potvin/Jon Levy) That the audited statements be received. Motion carried.

Liability Insurance: Marc also noted that the Stewardship Committee had sent out a survey to see how many churches would be interested in the plan to be our own policy holder for abuse insurance. The result thus far indicate that about 2/3 are interested. He also noted that many churches do not have any abuse policy in place. Marc then asked if we wish to pursue this idea. It was agreed to continue with the idea.

Leadership And Development: Ellen Hunt commented on the Leadership and Development report noting that they had expanded their work and now are working in three new areas besides interviewing candidates for Association licenses. They are: 1) Helping with training leaders for Kingswood camp. 2) Working with Youth association. 3) Working alongside the Regional Minister and the Board of Ministerial Standards.

Ellen then presented the names for new and renewed Association licenses and had each stand as their name was read.

Motion: (Ellen Hunt/Allison Trites) That the names be accepted and licenses granted. Motion carried. Dr. Allison Trites offered prayer for the license holders.

Nominating Committee Report: The clerk noted several corrections which needed to be made to the report. Moderator John Beers noted that there were several openings and suggested that if anyone had nominations to fill them they could send them to him and the nominating committee would work to fill the openings.

Motion: (Ron Baxter/Elizabeth Smith) That for any vacancies on the Nominating Report names be submitted to the Past Moderator and he, in consultation with the executive would seek to fill them. Motion carried.

Rev. David Shaw offered thanks and appreciation for the format of this Association meeting.

Motion: (Terry Coldwell/Clarence Bungay) That we accept the reports as written or presented orally. Motion carried.

Rev. John Beers expressed appreciation for the privilege of being moderator. He also noted that he would like to try to help coordinate events within our association and if people would let him know of any special events being planned in their churches he would try to help coordinate them.

Vice Moderator Graham Thomas closed in prayer.

Spring Association will be held on May 6.  Place to be determined.


To submit information for or questions/comments about this website, email info@easternvalleybaptist.com

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