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Minutes of the Eastern Valley Association

at Windsor United Baptist Church
November 3, 2007


73 delegates and visitors attended from 28 churches.

Singspiration and devotional (John 11:1-16) by host Pastor Rev. Daniel Jamer.
Moderator Barb Cochran opened the business meeting at 9:00 am with Prayer and welcomed everyone. Rules of Order were read by clerk Sheila Allen.
Minutes were circulated.
Motion: Sharon Leighton/Carol Dykens – the minutes approved as circulated. Moderator Barb declared minutes approved.
Correspondence: Regrets from Rev Freda MacDonald and expressing thanks for being a delegate to convention.

Committee Reports:
Evangelism Committee – as printed
Leadership & Development Committee – Committee will be meeting October 9th and 16th at ADC with those receiving or renewing their licenses.
Motion: Ellen Hunt/Rev Allison Trites licenses to minister be granted.
Renewal of Association Licenses: Patrick Caldwell, David Cumby,
Geoff deJong, Sterling Gosman, Wilma Janzen, Devin Johnstone, Chris Keizer, Charles McGuire, Darren Millett, Brian Reid, Michael Shreve and Mark Sypher.
New Association License: Deborah Ripley-Cater MacPherson
Missions Committee - Reported they will be meeting with the Mission Churches.
Regional Minister’s Report: Several Induction and Ordination Services held from September 30, 2007 to November 25, 2007.

Commitments in the New Year:
March 8th – Rawdon United Baptist Church invites Deacons and Pastors for a Deacon and Pastors Seminar.
The third Wednesday of each month is the Ministerial Luncheon.
November 7, 2007, workshop at Avonport Baptist Church, Dr. Beckett will not be able to be here. Regional II committee met last week. Nominating committee meets on Wednesday. Randy Legassie published a book “Handbook – For Part Time Ministry”. There will be a workshop at Avonport Baptist Church on November 8th. Those attending today were asked to pick up the “Growing Healthy Churches” brochures which have the year end review.
Reported there are twenty one taking the Lay Pastor Training Program.
Representatives from Convention will be at the New Minas Baptist Church
on Thursday, Feb 21st from 6:30 – 9:00 pm.
Social Action Committee - Hedley Hopkins spoke for this committee. Dan Gibson expressed his appreciation for the Report booklets but expresses not enough time at Association meeting to read them in advance.
Rev Don Ehler Chaplaincy Fund: Dan Jamer – West Hants have a musical night once a month. There is one on November 25th, offering goes to this fund.
David Rafuse – treasurer of the fund spoke on this report. Like to see more support from the churches.
Stewardship Committee - Phil Locke reported plans are on the way for a treasurers’ Workshop. He is looking at possible dates and will notify the treasurers.
Sharon Leighton noticed churches are not giving their allotment to association, perhaps more emphasis needs to be put on the work of the Association.
Kingswood Camp Report: Looking for people who want to know Jesus Christ. Camp is available for rest of the year. Many of the staff are remaining the same. The camp received every grant they put in for. Daivd Longley (Annapolis County) is in charge of the camp rentals.
Treasurer’s Report: by Bob Douglas
Reported Chaplain Gerry Bezanson was funded by Government except for Benefits.
Motion: Bob Douglas/Phil Locke to accept this report. Motion carried.
Motion: Dan Gibson/Belle Daves the booklets be sent out two weeks before the meeting.
Armstrong expressed thanks to executive. Motion was carried.

10:30 am – Refreshment Break
10:55 am – Resumed by singing a hymn
Collections - $573.51 Pastor Barb Cochran gave the Offertory Prayer.

Rev Marc Potvin spoke about the Don Ehler Fund. June Keddy, Chairperson for our Association Chaplaincy Committee, introduced Debra Mosher, the new Chaplain at Dykeland Lodge, as the Association Speaker.
Chaplain Debra Mosher was going to have a resident from Dykeland come along but the resident was unable to attend. Debra spoke on behalf of the important ministry at Dykeland. Rev Marc Potvin reported Debra does 8 hours a week plus she volunteers 16 – 20 hours, also at Dykeland. Chaplain Debra expressed appreciation to Rev. Eliz Johnson who had been chaplain at Dykeland for many years and gave excellent leadership and ministry.
Rev Marc said a prayer for Debra and her ministry.
Chaplaincy Committee Report: June Keddy thanked Rev. Jeffrey White for
his years of service on the committee.

Committee for Incorporation of Kingswood Camp – John Beers, on behalf of this subcommittee, referred to the report in the booklet and stressed the importance of the work being done as a preparation for incorporation.
Moderator’s Report – Moderator Barbara Cochran expressed appreciation for the privilege of serving and referred those present to her report.
Motion: Dan Jamer/Darrel Dykens to accept all reports. Motion carried.
Nominating Committee Report – presented by John Beers, Chairperson.
Dr. Glen Wooden accepts position as Vice-Moderator and birthday wishes were extended to him as today is his birthday.
A couple of Corrections were made as to appointments on the Social Action and Chaplaincy committees.
Rev David Woodworth’s name was added to the Kingswood Camp committee.
Rev Marilyn Rose (Berwick), being new to the Association and, as an appointee to one of the committees’ was asked to stand and be recognized.
Motion: John Beers/Phil Locke to adopt the nominating report. M/C
Budget for 2008 was presented by Bob Douglas.
Motion: Bob Douglas/Phil Locke the budget be adopted. Motion carried.

Service on Sunday, November 4th at Upper Vaughans for Veterans. Also, November 4th at 3:00 pm – 150th Anniversary of South Rawdon United Baptist Church – Special Guests – “Sonlight”

> First Cornwallis is 200 years young. Old Fashion Song Service on Sunday, November 4th at 7:00 pm.

> Parent and Teen Mission Tour on March 7 – 15, 2008 (March break)
Toronto, Ontario. $785.00 per person; 13 – 18 years at Dufferin St Baptist
Bring own sleeping bag.

> St. Clair Avenue Baptist, Young Street Mission. Deadline – December 1st, 2007, maximum of 30 people
The question came up about Church Assistance – How to apply for it?

Request it from Missions Committee. At present, we have four churches receiving ministry grants.
Reported that Rev Thomas McGaw passed away.

Spring Association on May 3rd, 2008, at First Cornwallis United Baptist Church.

Closing Hymn
Closing Prayer given by Past Moderator – Rev. John Beers.

Respectfully submitted,
Mrs. Sheila Allen, Clerk


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