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May, 2008



Minutes of the Eastern Valley Baptist Association
at First Cornwallis United Baptist Church
Canard, N. S.
May 3, 2008


53 delegates attended representing 26 Churches.

Registration was followed by opening remarks by Rev. Peter Lohnes. He gave a brief history of the 99 year old building including renovations that took place over the years.

Singing was led by the Worship team and devotional was from Hebrews 10 – coming into the presence of God and to meet God’s people.

Business meeting was opened by Rev. Potvin. He welcomed all and asked that Sheila Allen and Marilyn Herber be remembered in our prayers.

Minutes were circulated. Minutes were declared approved with corrections.

CORRESPONDENCE – Letter was read from Convention with proposed by-laws from Convention Council.

ASSEMBLY 2009 - Incorporation of by-laws.
MOTION: (Rev. Dan Gibson/Dr. Glenn Wooden) made a motion that a committee be set up to receive the CABC incorporation documents with respect to proposed changes in the relationship between Associations and the Convention; and the impact the proposed changes will have on the autonomy of the local church. Carried.
The Association committee set up to study these new by-laws consist of Dr. Glenn Wooden, Pastor Chuck McGuire, Dr. Barry Morrison and Dr. Dan Gibson.
Rev. John Beers noted that appreciation should be extended to the Convention Council for the extension of time to study the new by-laws.

MOTION: (Pastor David Cumby/Rev. Brian Wheaton) Committee reports be received and accepted. Motion Carried.

Rev. Ron Baxter thanked the group for support at a very difficult time.

Heartfelt condolences by the Association were extended to Rev. Ron and Sharon Baxter, Peter, and their extended family on the death of their daughter-in-law (Peter’s wife) and our covenant to continue to uphold them in prayer.

MOTION: (Rev. Hedley Hopkins/Rev. Thelma McLeod) moved that Rev. Jennifer Smart be appointed to join the Mental Health Association at no cost to the Association. Motion carried.

MOTION: (Rev. Ellen Hunt/Rev. Darryl Dykens) moved the renewal of Association licenses (for those listed in the Leadership Development Report).
Motion carried.

MOTION: Moved and seconded that a letter of appreciation be sent to the New Minas Baptist Church and Kristen Lightfoot for assistance in the publication of Association reports.

MOTION: (Rev. Philip Locke/Bud Rafuse) that the financial report be accepted. Motion carried.

Incorporation of Kingswood Camp – Documents will be provided by Dr. Glenn Wooden re Incorporation of Kingswood Camp. Interim report is enclosed.
MOTION: (Dr. Glenn Wooden/Rev. Virginia DeAdder) moved that this report be accepted. Motion carried.

At this point of the meeting, offering was accepted and prayer given. A break followed with apples and beverage. The meeting reconvened with music by pianist and congregation.

Further discussion of Kingswood Camp ensued. June 14, 2008 is the official opening; Allison Magee, Laurie Hennigar and Pamela Estey on committee. Borden Scott is assistant program director. A history of Kingswood Camp was given with various aspects of camp life. There is a main lodge – craft lodge. Some requirements by law are new cabins with showers accessible to all including those with special needs.

All churches within Eastern Valley will be contacted for assistance at Kingswood Camp. Directors would prefer monetary donations. Committee will do publicity and fund raising. Please pray for staff and campers.

Rev. Ron Baxter reported on Lay Pastors training. Twenty students are registered in Centreville. This training session includes six weekends per year with a component of twenty-three courses. This program will be offered in Bridgewater next year.

Apple Blossom Festival - Rev. Johan Eichhorn asked for volunteers to man booth in Berwick for the Apple Blossom weekend. This will occur from
May 30 – June 1, 2008. Volunteers are needed for various times. Churches were encouraged to make a poster to have at booth.

There being no further business, the meeting was brought to a close with the singing of the hymn “To God Be The Glory.” Lunch and fellowship followed.

The next meeting will be held on November 1, 2008 at Avonport Baptist Church.

Respectfully submitted,

Bette Smith, Assistant Clerk



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