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May, 2009



Eastern Valley Baptist Association
Spring Meeting

8:30 a.m.


8:50 a.m.

Meeting began at 8:55 am with greetings from Allison Magee chair of Kingswood Camp Board, and Glenn Wooden, moderator. The moderator asked a volunteer to take minutes as neither the clerk or the assistant clerk could be in attendance. Marc Potvin volunteered to serve as the minute taker for the meeting.


Singspiration - Devotional by Rev. Pamela Estey, Executive Director, Kingswood Camp

Welcome by Allison Magee, Chair of Kingswood Camp Committee

9:20 a.m.

Business – open session with prayer


Welcome to New Pastors, Guests and Delegates There were no new delegates or visitors at the time.

Rules of Order (read by Assistant Clerk)

Minutes of Fall Association, November 2008 were read by the moderator. The minutes were declared approved with the following correction: p. 3 typographical error: “Before land it…” to be changed to “Before land is…”

- Email from Regional Working Group for the Regional Minister. To be dealt with during the Regional minister’s report.

9:45 a.m.

Committee Reports

The reports were presented in order, except for Leadership, Regional Minister and finances which will be done individually.

Moderator’s Report: The moderator has secured Dr. Bill Brackney to speak at the fall Association meeting on the role of an association.

Chaplaincy Report: June Keddy reported. Correction on third page: “In Christian concern” Hedley Hopkins commended the committee on raising the hours at Dykeland Lodge. Deborah Mosher, the chaplain, was introduced and thanked for her work. Judith Saunders, chaplain at Berwick Manor was also thanked.
Deborah is also serving as interim in Windsor Elms. There is an upcoming joint service with both nursing homes.
June 7 there will be a hymn sing for the Don Ehler Fund.

Evangelism Report: Jan McGuire reported that there have been some membership changes. Currently there are two empty positions. The committee has yet to meet. Therefore there will be no booth at the Apple blossom craft fair. There was an appeal for more committee members.

Kingswood Camp: Allison McGee reported. The members of the camp committee were asked to stand to be introduced and thanked for their work and involvement. The camp is looking for volunteers for the camping season.
All positions from the association are filled. Digby-Annapolis Association has openings on the Board.
The camp has rental openings available.
Those who have youth or who wanted to have youth in their church were asked to stand. (Everyone did!) Kingswood is an extension of the youth work of each church. The camp seeks to tell the youth about Jesus. It also hopes to have an impact on their lives, how to interact with other youth, important in this day of computers etc. It brings youth in contact with nature, helping to give an awareness of the importance of nature stewardship.
The camp can only thrive and grow through the support of all the churches. The cost of camp is not all covered by the registration fee. The camp needs all the churches’ prayers and financial support.
Important dates: May 30 is Camp Clean up day. It starts at 9:00 am until done. The work needed is being planned. Ramps need to be built for handicapped access.
June 13 is Open House Day. It is between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Staff in attendance, activities highlighted, so bring potential campers.
Coffee Cup Campaign introduced. The information is in the packets. The cups were available at the back. June 7 is Coffee Cup day for the camp!
The Camp is offering a wilderness First Aid course for anyone who would be interested. More information about date and place to be given later. The fee will be around 100$.
The Pork Fundraising supper was a great success. Over 200 tickets were sold out of a possibility of 250 tickets. If you were not aware of it, please speak to Pam to make sure that updates are sent to the right places.
Challenge extended by the moderator. His congregation of 25 has a fund to help pay for the registration fee. 10 campers were sent last year. Who can beat Canaan Baptist this year in sending more campers? Also, raise the amount you give to off set the expenses not covered by !
Cost to send a camper? 230/week except for the younger children’s camp which is $170/week. There is also a family rate.
The camp staff is open to speak in churches to promote the camp.

Mission Report: Brian Wheaton reported. Healthy small church seminar on May 20 at First Cornwallis. Use the EVBA website to advertise what is happening in your church! And don’t forget to update your information! It is the church’s responsibility to update the information not the webmaster’s.

Stewardship Committee: Roger Cann reported. Not all churches are supporting the association. Is money flowing better with the appeal to contribute on a quarterly basis. The clerk is asked to contact the churches which did not contribute.

Social Action: Jennifer Smart Reported. One workshop was presented in Feb. about employment issues. An upcoming workshop will be done on recycling. One resignation from Geraldine Browning; a replacement is needed.
Hedley Hopkins mentioned that years ago, a list was circulated for availability in case of a pandemic. There were about 12 churches which passed in their information. What happened to it? The chair will look into the matter. John McNally mentioned that EMO is looking for a certain level of facility. He suggested the local EMO be contacted for more information.

Don Ehler Fund: No one available to report.
Moved to received the previous reports Jan Macguire. Seconded by Brian Wheaton. Motion carried.

Leadership Committee: Ellen Hunt reported. The committee will be bringing in two Youth worker leaders to speak in September to address the need to give churches information on attracting more youth to our churches.
One resignation: John MacLeod. Two openings for the committee.
On the report, candidates for licenses are presented for renewal. Those present were called to the front. Marion Jammer is not working at the church in Hantsport but at the town. Moved by Ellen Hunt and seconded by David Cumby to renew the licenses. Motion Carried.

Break at 10:30 am for a 10 minute break.


Regional Minister Report: Ron Baxter reported. Freda MacDonald will serve as pastor of Black Rock Church. David Cumby will become the pastor of Bridgetown Baptist Church.
Peter Lohnes moved on Quency Collins seconded that the report be accepted included the two following motions:
That Ron Baxter be appointed on time basis from January 1 to June 30, 2009
That Ron Baxter’s term as regional minister be extended for two years with the understanding that the RWG will in May of 2009 evaluate the appropriateness of continuing regional ministry on a time basis.
Motion Carried. This motion will be relayed to the Executive Minister.
The Offering was taken. The offering brought $409.

Dr. Craig Evans, distinguished professor of New Testament at Acadia Divinity College, presented “Jesus in the news: A consideration of sensational claims made about Jesus and recent archeological discoveries.”

Treasurer’s Report: Robert Douglas reporting. Change of postal address: Box 56 Kentville B4N 3V9. The address is also on the website.
Comparative statement of the balance sheet presented. The total cash show we are ahead compared to last year.
Income statement against the budget. The revenue shows we are short because of the shortfall of allotment from churches. On total expenses, they were down, therefore on the net income, we were ahead,
p. 16 The biggest swings happened because the Young offender program is no longer given to the Association to manage.
p.18 Year to Date: Since the last meeting, at the Feb council meeting the chaplaincy at Dykeland was increased by three years. This was a result of the Ehler fund being used. 938$ in the black by the end of April 2009. Treasurer reiterates the wishes that a letter be sent to the 13 churches that did not support the Association financially be sent a letter of encouragement to participate.
Robert Douglas moved the adoption of the report, Clarence Bungay seconded. Motion carried.

Kingswood Camp Financial Report: Laurie Hennigar reported. This is a comparative statement between 07 and 08. The giving have been down both in churches and from government grants. Some expenses were up some were down. This has all meant that there is a deficit of 14,000$.
Laurie Hennigar moved the adoption of the report, Vincent Leung seconded. Motion carried.

New Business
1. Moved and seconded that Clarence Bungay be the Hants representative on the Regional Working Group.

2. The Association constitution stipulates that the Spring Meeting be the second weekend of May. The moderator has made a notice of motion. At the Annual meeting it will be moved that the Constitution be amended so that the Spring Meeting be held on the first Saturday of May.

3. The date for the Annual meeting should be looked into by the Council as it conflicts with the pastoral wives retreat which is the first week end of November.

4. It was suggested that the council review whether the name “United” be removed from our name to read Eastern Valley Baptist Association. This would require a change in the constitution.

Kingswood Camp mentioned its wish list, located on the web site.
Thanks to: Kingswood Camp, Pamela Estey (music, devotional, general preparations), Marc Potvin who stepped in to write the minutes, and John Beers (communications and stepping in to help);
12:25 p.m. Closing Hymn and Prayer by Glenn Wooden.


The following rules of order shall apply to meetings of the Convention:

Every sitting shall be opened and closed with prayer.

Persons invited to a seat may speak on all subjects under debate, but vote on none.

No person shall speak more often than twice on any motion, unless by permission of the body.

Motions made and lost shall not be recorded in the minutes unless so ordered at the time.

The governance of the body and the regulation of its proceedings shall be strictly in accordance with parliamentary usage so called.

That the question be now put is not debatable and if resolved by a two-thirds affirmative vote, the pending question shall be put forthwith without debate and if the first mentioned motion is defeated, the debate on the pending questions shall continue until otherwise ended.

That there be a three (3) minute time limit for each speaker.

That there be 42 minutes for each issue under debate unless permission for extension is granted by the body on motion approved by a two-thirds affirmative vote. The motion to extend is not debatable.

That items be given in writing to the Executive Minister at least 24 hours before presentation for debate.

Immediately after the opening of the Convention assembly, these rules shall be read distinctly from the Chair.


To submit information for or questions/comments about this website, email info@easternvalleybaptist.com

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