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Council Minutes

Eastern Valley United Baptist Association

February 28, 2004

 The Council of the Eastern Valley United Baptist Association met in the Board Room at Acadia Divinity College on Saturday, February 28th, 2004.

Present:  Jeff Hosick, Moderator; John Beers, Vice-Moderator;

          Name                                 Representing

    Davenport, Bill                        Evangelism

    Hopkins, Hedley                      Social Action

    Levy, Jennifer                          Kingswood Camp

    Locke, Philip                            Stewardship

    Merrill, Wayne                         Leadership Development

    Saunders, Ellen                        Missions   

    Jeff White                                Chaplaincy

Regrets from Rev. Ronald Baxter, Regional Minister, Region II.

A devotional was given by Moderator Jeff Hosick.

Motion  (M/S)  (P. Locke/W. Merrill) that minutes be adopted as read with minor corrections be noted.  M/C.

Vice-Moderator, J. Beers, gave an update re the planned pulpit exchange for Sunday, April 25th, 2004.   He reported that there has been a very good response.

A progress report was given on the Youth Association.  There was a well attended meeting of interested people held at Wolfville on January 5th, 2004; then on February 17th, 2004, a meeting was held at Wolfville, at which time a Youth Association was formed for the Eastern Valley region.  Tim Johnson is Moderator for the Youth Association.  The next meeting is scheduled to be held on March 9th, 2004, at the New Minas Baptist Church.

A discussion took place with respect to the 100th Anniversary of the beginnings of our Baptist Associations in 1905/1906 in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia at Main Street Baptist, Saint John, NB, and Zion Baptist, Yarmouth, NS, respectively.  This discussion centered on the topic of a Name change for the Eastern Valley United Baptist Association.

Motion  (M/S)  (H. Hopkins/W. Merrill) that the matter of looking into changing our Association name be tabled until 2006, so we can have that name to celebrate the union.  M/C.

Wayne Merrill gave a report on Liability Insurance

Motion  (M/S)  (P. Locke/J. Hosick) that the Stewardship Committee or a Special committee of the Association be asked to give us an immediate progress report on the matter of liability insurance with a follow up by the Moderator.  M/C.

In his report, Moderator Jeff Hosick commented on a number of highlights with special mention of the Association website.  He mentioned the website as being a vital medium of communication.  He indicated that Bill Davenport is to be our Association Webmaster.  He listed the following websites: Easternvalleybaptist.com, easternvalleyyouth.com and kingswoodcamp.ca.  It was reported that $800.00 would be the cost for the domain name and rental space for the Webmaster.   The Moderator expressed appreciation to Bill and to all who have shared in the ongoing work of the Association.

There were two motions relative to the website cost.

Motion  (M/S)  (P. Locke/H. Hopkins) that for youth ministry and three websites, we approve up to $1,500.00 – this amount to include up to the time of the Annual meeting.  M/C.

Motion  (M/S)  (B. Davenport/E. Saunders) that the cost for maintaining websites be looked after by originators to whom websites belong.  M/C.

Motion  (M/S)  (P. Locke/B. Davenport) that Rev. Daniel Cormier be appointed as representative to the Valley Regional Hospital Committee.  M/C.

The Treasurer’s report was distributed and reviewed.

Motion  (M/S)  (H. Hopkins/B. Davenport) that we accept the Treasurer’s report.

Motion  (M/S)  (J. Beers/W. Merrill) that the Stewardship report be received as distributed.  M/C.

Jeff White gave a verbal report for the Chaplaincy committee.  He stated that a meeting was scheduled for next week at which time there would be the appointment of officers.

Motion  (M/S)  (J. White/E. Saunders) that the Chaplaincy Committee report be accepted.  M/C.

The Social Action report was distributed and commented on by Chairman Hedley Hopkins.

Reference was made to the workshops being undertaken by the Social Action committee –

scheduling a workshop for each spring and fall on current social issues.

Motion  (M/S)  (H. Hopkins/W. Merrill) that the Social Action report be accepted.  M/C.

The Evangelism report was presented by Chairperson, Bill Davenport.  Two main events: (1) Participation in the Apple Blossom Festival and (2) the upcoming 2004 Franklyn Graham Festival to take place at the Metro Centre in Halifax in October.  Reference was also made to the Transitioning Seminar to be held June 8-9, 2004, at New Minas Baptist Church.

Motion  (M/S)  (B. Davenport/E. Saunders) that we receive the Evangelism report.  M/C.

The Mission report was given by Chairperson, Ellen Saunders.  The committee is responsible for reviewing applications for Mission Board grants to churches within the Association.  The committee faithfully and responsibly reviews the applications each fall. She mentioned about mission workshops that have been held and highlighted upcoming workshops. 

Motion  (M/S)  (E. Saunders/J. Beers) that the Mission report be accepted.  M/C.

Wayne Merrill presented a report on Leadership Development.  This committee is responsible for (1) granting and/or renewing Association licenses to Minister; (2) Training counselors for Kingswood Camp; and (3) other leadership issues that may arise.

Motion  (M/S)  (W. Merrill/H. Hopkins) that the Leadership Development report be received.  M/C.

Jennifer Levy presented the Kingswood Camp report.  Many exciting things are happening in the interest of Kingswood Camp.  The Executive recommends that the Camp be closed for this winter.  Long term planning is on the agenda.  The Personnel committee is yet to meet.  A big issue is still the bathrooms and the price for replacement.  A Rock-a-Thon is scheduled for March 26, 2004.

Motion  (M/S)  (J. Levy/W. Merrill) that the Kingswood Camp report be received.  M/C.

The Regional Minister’s report was circulated.  It was noted that a Deacon’s workshop is scheduled for March 6, 2004.

Motion  (M/S)  (J. Beers/H. Hopkins) that the Regional Minister’s report be received.  M/C.

New Business 

1.  Forrest Hill

     Motion  (M/S)  (J. White/E. Saunders) that $1,500.00 be granted to the Forest Hill 

     Baptist Church.  (This came as a recommendation from the Atlantic Baptist Mission

     Board to our Association Mission Committee).  M/C.  It was suggested that churches in

     close proximity to the Forest Hill Church be asked to support this ministry.

2.  Motion  (M/S)  (E. Saunders/J. White) that the Eastern Valley Association give a loan of

     $1,200.00 to Chaplain Gerry Bezanson to pay Revenue Canada.  M/C.

The Spring Association will be held on Saturday, May 1st, 2004 at Coldbrook Baptist Church.  The Fall Association will be held on Saturday, November 6th, 2004.

The next Council meeting will be held on Saturday, September 11th, 2004.

Moderator Jeff Hosick called for adjournment of this session of the Council. 

Respectfully submitted, 

John S. Beers,

Secretary Pro-Tem

To submit information for or questions/comments about this website, email info@easternvalleybaptist.com

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