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Council Minutes



Council Minutes (not yet approved by council)

Eastern Valley Baptist Association

September 11, 2004



The Council of the Eastern Valley United Baptist Association met in the board room at Acadia Divinity College on Saturday, September 11, 2004.


Present:  Jeff Hosick (Moderator),  John Beers  (Vice-Moderator), Wayne Merrill (Clerk), Emily Samson (Treasurer),  Jeff White (Chaplaincy),  Bill Davenport (Evangelism), Hedley Hopkins (Social Action), Jennifer Levy (Kingswood Camp),  Erma Elliot (WMS), and Ron Baxter (Regional Minister)


A prayer was given by Moderator Jeff Hosick.


Minutes of the last Council meeting were distributed.


Motion:  (J. Beers/J. White)  that the minutes be accepted with corrections noted.

Motion Carried



Business From the Minutes:


Liability Insurance - No further progress has been made. It was suggested that we should get a legal opinion as to what we need.  This needs to be investigated further.


Association Website - B. Davenport gave an update on our site.  It was suggested we might change servers and save some money.


Motion:  (J. Beers/J. White)  that we continue with the website for EVBA until the Fall session in 2005.

Motion Carried


Motion:  (H. Hopkins/E. Samson)  that we continue to employ Bill Davenport as our webmaster at a cost of $25/month.

Motion Carried





Moderator - Jeff Hosick gave a verbal report noting that it had been a quiet summer.


Motion: (J. White/H. Hopkins)  that we accept the Moderator’s report.

Motion Carrie

Treasurer - Emily Samson gave the treasurer’s report and went over the financial statements.  She noted that the Auditor’s report was now completed.


Motion:  (E. Samson/J. Beers)  that we accept the treasurer’s report.

Motion Carried


Motion: (J. Beers/H. Hopkins) that we reimburse Hugh McNally $200 for CBM expenses re - Wilson request.  Money to come from the Mission Committee budget.

Motion Carried



Stewardship Committee - No report


Chaplaincy Committee - Jeff White gave a verbal report.  Their main concern at this time is looking at Liz Johnson’s position.  There is a wish to increase her work at Grandview Manor in Berwick and release her from Dykeland Lodge in Windsor.  We will need another person for Windsor and may try to increase the hours here.  The committee is considering if this is possible and is looking for some direction.


Motion:  (H. Hopkins/E. Elliot)  that the Chaplaincy Committee make plans regarding Grandview Manor and Dykeland Lodge and then go to the Stewardship Committee and then present their plans to the Council executive for recommendation to the November Association.

Motion Carried


Motion:  (J. White/E. Samson) that we accept the Chaplaincy Committee report

Motion Carried



Social Action Committee - The Social Action report was distributed and read by Hedley Hopkins. He noted that the committee will be encouraging our pastors and churches to exercise their vote on the Sunday Shopping issue on October 16.   A workshop on Racial Justice will be held on November 13 at New Minas Baptist Church.


Motion:  (H. Hopkins/J. Beers) that we accept the Social Action Committee report.

Motion Carried



Gladys Manning - Jeff Hosick reported that there will be a grand opening of the new complex on Sept 23 at 1:10 pm.



Evangelism Committee - Bill Davenport distributed the Evangelism report and noted the upcoming Franklin Graham Festival the weekend of October 15.


Motion:  (B. Davenport/E. Samson)  that we accept the Evangelism Committee Report.

Motion Carried

Missions - A Missions Committee report was circulated. It was noted that there will be a Fall Workshop at Kentville Baptist Church on Sept 25 beginning at 9:00 am


Motion:  (J. Beers/B. Davenport)  that we accept the Mission Committee report.

Motion Carried



Leadership Development Committee - No report



Kingswood Camp - Jennifer Levy distributed a report and commented on it. It was a good year at Kingswood!  Work has been done on policies and procedures to get the camp up to code.  A letter was read from the Camp Committee concerning hiring a director for the winter months.


Motion: (H. Hopkins/B. Davenport)  that the Camp Committee present their request for the Director position to the Stewardship Committee, with the Association Council’s blessing, and then present it to the Council executive for recommendation before Association in November.

Motion Carried


Motion: (E. Samson/J. Beers)  that we accept the Kingswood Camp report.

Motion Carried



WMS - Erma Elliot presented a verbal report. She noted that Association WMS will hold their meeting on October 30 at 12:00 noon at South Rawdon.  Speaker will be Cheryl Ann Beals from CBM.


Motion:  (E. Elliot/B. Davenport) that we accept the WMS report.

Motion Carried



Regional Minister - Ron Baxter distributed a written report and commented on it.  Noted that the induction service for Rev. Mark Shaw will be held at Gaspereau on Sept 26 at 7:00 pm  and an ordination service for Rick Small will be hald at North Alton on Sunday, October 3 at 3:00 pm.


Motion:  (J. Beers/E. Samson)  that we accept the Regional Minister’s report.

Motion Carried



Nominating Committee - No report


A Youth Association update was circulated for information.  It was suggested that we give the Youth Association some time to report at the November Association.  They also wondered if they might become a formal part of EVBA.  This would require a notice of motion.


Motion:  (B. Davenport/H. Hopkins) that we invite a representative from the Youth Association to join us at council next spring.

Motion Carried


Council agreed to invite the Youth Association to make a report at the November Association meeting.



Correspondence:    None


New Business:


John Beers reported that Joy Shaw requested that we give the Baptist Foundation up to 15 minutes at the Association meeting. It was agreed that this be done if John felt there would be time to do it in the schedule.



Next Association Meeting is at South Rawdon UBC on November 6


Next Council meeting will be February 26, 2005 at Acadia Divinity College



Respectfully Submitted


Wayne Merrill, Clerk

To submit information for or questions/comments about this website, email info@easternvalleybaptist.com

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