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Council Minutes




Council Minutes

Eastern Valley United Baptist Association

September 17, 2005



The Council of the Eastern Valley Baptist Association met at the New Minas Baptist Church Youth Center on Saturday, September 17, 2005.


Present:  John Beers (Moderator), Wayne Merrill (Clerk), Ellen Hunt (Leadership), Jennifer Levy (Kingswood Camp), Hedley Hopkins (Social Action), Glenn Wooden (Kingswood Camp), Ron Baxter (Regional Minister), Jeff Hosick (Past Moderator)


Regrets:  Marc Potvin (Stewardship),  Jeff White (Chaplaincy), Graham Thomas (Vice Moderator), Todd Coldwell (Youth Association)


Moderator John Beers called the meeting to order at 9:05 and led a devotional reading from 2 Corinthians 3:1-6.  Ron Baxter led in prayer.


Minutes of the February 26, 2005 meeting were reviewed and minor changes made.

Motion: (W. Merrill/J. Hosick) that the minutes be accepted as changed.  Motion Carried.


Business From The Minutes:


Liability Insurance:  There was no one from the Stewardship Committee to report what progress was being made on the idea presented at Spring Association which would see us becoming our own policy holder.  John Beers will check with the Stewardship Committee to see where they are at with this.


Youth Association:  At our last meeting the clerk was to take a request for approval of up to $1000 for the Youth Association to the Stewardship Committee.  Wayne reported that when he checked with the treasurer of the Youth Association he was told there was not a great need for funds at this time as the offerings from “Rally In The Valley” were providing funds.  The request was not taken to the Stewardship Committee.


Correspondence:  None




Treasurer:  No Report


Discussion:  Two questions were raised.  1) could we have the treasurer email the financial statement to members of the council?  2) Is the Association mailing address still valid and who picks up the mail?   John Beers will check with Emily on these items.  It was also suggested he ask what the proper procedure is to be reimbursed for expenses.


Stewardship:  No Report


Discussion:  It was noted that we need to know the process for making budgeting requests.  When will the Stewardship Committee meet ? When do they want budget requests ?  Can Marc let us know this information?


Leadership & Development:  Ellen Hunt reported that the committee had met and discussed ways to streamline the meetings with candidates for Association licenses.  She presented a new application form which they had developed.  Having candidates fill this out  would give the committee some information in advance and help them in the interview process.  She would like to send copies of the form to all our churches as well as to Acadia Divinity College.


Motion:  (E. Hunt/J. Hosick)  that the report be accepted.  Motion Carried.


Discussion:  It was suggested that it would be good to add to the application where to look for details about Association licenses, i.e. the Convention Year Book and the Convention website.  It was also suggested that the wording of the questions should make it clear that applicants are being asked for their views and experience and not general views.  It was also noted that it should be made clear on the form that it must be mailed to the address given.


Motion: (G. Wooden/J. Hosick)  that the new application form be approved, with suggested changes, to be sent to our churches.   Motion Carried.


Chaplaincy:  No Report


Evangelism:  No Report


Regional Minister:  Ron Baxter circulated a written report and commented on it.  In addition to his written report he noted the following: 1) There will be a deacons workshop at Harmony Baptist Church on March 11, 2006 from 9 am - 3pm.  2) At the Baptist Ministerial meeting on Wednesday, September 21 there will be a report from Kingswood Camp.  3)  New material is available from CBM called “Song in the Borderland.  4)  The 2007 UiM budget goal has to be set in 2006.  Do we have any ideas as to how we might secure a pledge from our churches for their support in 2007?


Discussion:  Several suggestions were discussed.  Could we make the suggestion that each church tithe 10% of its income and emphasize this at November’s Association meeting?  It was noted that it is important to have a visit from a person to present the need.  We also need to help pastors and churches understand that the call to ministry is not just local, but global, and UiM helps us to do this.  The question was asked, “Is the lack of support a money issue or does it reflect an attitude toward Convention?”


Discussion also arose over the recent decisions made at Convention regarding regulations concerning same sex marriage.  Is this a trend toward Convention telling churches what they can and cannot do?  As an Association Council what is our response to this action?   What will be our response if a congregation decides to support same sex marriage?  What is our response to the recent decision? 


In light of the discussion John Beers asked, “What reasonable step can we take today?”  It was suggested that we provide an opportunity for open discussion on this matter.  We should have a special Council meeting to answer the question, “How does EVBA respond to Conventions decision?”  It was also suggested that we have a facilitator to help us with this.


Motion:  (H. Hopkins/J. Hosick)  that we have a special Council meeting to respond to the recent determination of Convention as indicated in the information provided by our Regional Minister (re: the adoption of a resolution concerning the solemnization of same sex marriages and the CABC notice of motion to amend the Regulations Concerning the Ministry with regard to pastoral leaders officiating or co-officiating at same sex marriages.)  and that we invite a facilitator to this meeting. Motion Carried.


Motion: (R. Baxter/J. Hosick) that we accept the Regional Minister’s report.  Motion Carried.



Social Action:  Hedley distributed a written report and commented on it.  It was noted that several churches have responded to the request to allow Emergency Measures Organizations to use church facilities in the event of an emergency situation.  A form used by EMO to gather information was distributed. It was thought it would be good to send a copy of this to all our churches. There will be a workshop on abuse on November 12 at Hantsport Baptist Church. 


Motion: (H. Hopkins/R. Baxter)  that we accept the Social Action report.  Motion Carried.


Motion: (R. Baxter/E. Hunt) that the form from EMO be sent to all our Association churches.  Motion Carried.


Missions:  No Report


Atlantic Baptist Women:  No Report


Kingswood Camp:  Glenn Wooden reported that a new road has been constructed down to the lake thanks to the funds received from Association.  Jennifer Levy distributed a written report covering this year’s camping season and commented on it.  It was noted that the need for abuse Insurance coverage is definitely needed.


Motion: (G. Wooden/E. Hunt)  that we accept the Kingswood Camp report.  Motion Carried.


 Youth Association:  Jennifer Levy reported for Todd Coldwell.  Rally in the Valley will continue from September to May except for the month of December.  They are planning to raise money to support a youth pastor in Poland.


Discussion:  John noted that we need some communication with the Youth Executive as to their relationship with Association.  Much discussion followed. It seems that after getting off to a good start the Youth Association is floundering.  What should we do?  It was suggested that we set up a meeting with all youth leaders in our Association and that John and Jeff meet with the leaders of Rally In The Valley to see where they are at.  John will contact Jeff and set up a meeting with the Rally in the Valley leaders.  The Leadership Development Committee will facilitate a meeting of youth leaders.



Moderator:  John Beers gave a very brief report as time was getting short.  He has been meeting with pastors and attending regular functions as needed.  He also was asked to give an update on his health as he had undergone emergency surgery recently.  He noted that the surgery was to remove a kidney stone and they were only able to take half of it.  He will have a second surgery on September 22.  He asked for our prayers. 


Vice Moderator Report:  John read the written report  provided by Graham Thomas which outlined the program for the meeting in November.  All agreed to accept the report.


Nominating:  Nothing further to report.



New Business: 


Association website:  It was noted that this will need to be renewed in November.


Special Council Meeting:  The date of December 3, 2005 was set for the special Council meeting.  We will meet at 9:00 am at New Minas Baptist Church.


It was noted that Pamela Estey’s ordination service would be held on October 30 at Canning Baptist Church.


Motion to adjourn was given by G. Wooden.  Glen closed in prayer.



Fall Association will be held at Windsor Baptist Church on November 5, 2005


The next regular Council meeting will be held February 4, 2006 at New Minas Baptist Church.

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