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Council Minutes




Council Minutes
Eastern Valley United Baptist Association
Special Council Meeting
April 8, 2006

The Council held a special meeting on April 8, 2006, at New Minas Baptist Church.

Present: Graham Thomas, Marilyn Heber, Ellen Hunt, Hedley Hopkins, Vincent Leung, Glenn Wooden, Wayne Merrill

Regrets: Emily Samson, Ron Baxter, Jeffrey White, Barb Cochran.

Graham presented an agenda for the meeting.

Kingswood Camp Insurance: Vincent reported the findings of Gary Nelson and noted that in any lawsuit that might arise it would be dependant on the Judges opinion as to who was liable. We would have to convince the judge that we had done everything possible to prevent the problem from happening. Vincent distributed two documents: “The Liability of Volunteer Board Members” and “Volunteer Protection Act.” He noted that with the practice of “due diligence” there is little liability. this is a change since 2002. Gary Nelson made three recommendations:
1) Kingswood camp Committee be incorporated as the act is directed to incorporated bodies. This would mean registering with the registry of joint stocks. This would also mean that the deed be transferred from Association to the Camp committee.
2) Wavers be signed for any rental groups or individuals.
3) General Liability Insurance - it was thought that our present insurance was adequate.

Discussion followed. It was noted that volunteers are protected but staff and anyone receiving more than $500 are not covered. General liability will cover these provided that they are properly trained.

Glenn, resigned chair of Kingswood Camp committee asked us to consider making the Camp committee a board as most camps have boards who make independent decisions.

Motion: (J. Beers/M Heber) that this council set up a sub committee, with the proviso that outside members could be co-opted, to investigate matters considered relative to Kingswood Camp being a board. Motion Carried.

Note: This committee is to examine the information provided by Gary Nelson regarding liability insurance.

Glenn, John and Marilyn volunteered to be this committee. The expectation is that there will be a report to the September Council meeting.

Vincent further reported that he had discussed the possibility of “self insuring” with Gary Nelson and Gary thought it would be a good idea. The stewardship committee is looking into this idea.

Anniversary Service in Yarmouth: On April 20 there will be a special service at Zion Baptist church in Yarmouth to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Baptist Union. They are looking for a representative from our Association to participate. John Beers volunteered. John will contact the organized, Wayne Johnson.

Date of Association: It was reported to us recently that there are no Convention Council members able to attend our meeting on May 6th. Should we change the date to try to accommodate them. After much discussion it was decided we would keep the Association meeting on May 6th and allow for discussion among our Association churches on the topic of same sex marriage and the notice of motion to Convention.

Motion: (H. Hopkins/E. Hunt) that we maintain May 6 as the date for Association and we maintain the theme of the program as well. Motion carried.

Wayne will send a mail out to Association churches noting the change in the meeting and also noting the information on the Mission workshop.

Nominating Committee: John reported that the nominating committee will meet on April 12.

Treasurers Report: The treasurers report was received.

Wayne will contact Harry Gardner and let him know that we have decided to meet on May 6.

John Beers closed with prayer.

It was noted after that Glenn had resigned from the Kingswood Camp Committee. It was agreed that a letter of appreciation be sent to Glenn.

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