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Council Minutes




Council Minutes

Eastern Valley United Baptist Association

February 4, 2006 


The Council met at New Minas Baptist Church on February 4, 2006.


Present:  Wayne Merrill, Hedley Hopkins, Ron Baxter, Marilyn Heber, Graham Thomas, Marion Jamer, Jennifer Levy, Glenn Wooden, Barbara Cochran, Pamela Estey.


Regrets:  Emily Samson, Ellen Hunt,  John Beers,  Jeffrey White


Moderator Graham Thomas called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.  He welcomed everyone and led in a devotional  reading from the book “Heaven In A Wildflower.”  He then led in prayer.


Minutes:  The minutes were circulated, reviewed and approved as circulated.


Old Business:


Liability Insurance:  There was no one to report on this topic.  It was mentioned that Dan Jamer had distributed information about a company called “Ecclesiastical” which specializes in faith and non profit organizations.  It was also noted that we need to DO something, especially for Kingswood Camp.  It was suggested that we ask Gary Nelson for a legal opinion and assistance in finding the right kind of insurance.  Graham will speak with Gary.  If Gary is not available he will speak with George Lhones.


Association Website:  Pamela noted that our website is not in operation.  Glenn noted that this was probably because it had not been renewed.  He volunteered his son to investigate this for us.  All agreed to this course of action.  It was also noted that there is $400 available in the budget for website expenses.


Special Council Meeting:  Graham informed us that he has arranged for Gary Nelson and Roger Cann to facilitate at our Spring Association.  This was arranged because we have invited Convention Council to come and dialogue with us about the recent notice of motion regarding  officiating at same sex marriages.  Wayne reported that the invitation had been sent and Dr. Gardner had replied and indicated that he would pass the invitation along to members of council although he would not be available to attend.  Graham suggested that we follow the same format that we used at our special Council meeting in January.  All Agreed. It was further suggested that as soon as the location of the Spring Association is known a letter of invitation be sent out to the churches outlining the program and encouraging churches to have some discussion about this among themselves. 


Rally In The Valley:  Pamela announced that the next Rally in the Valley will be held on February 19 at Kentville Baptist Church and the March Rally will be at Wolfville Baptist on March 19.  Hedley noted that the Social Action Committee would like to do their next presentation at a Rally in the Valley on the topic of a “Christian Concept of Sexuality.”


Minutes of the Special Council meeting held January 7, 2006 were approved as circulated.


Correspondence:  Wayne announced that he will be resigning as Clerk of Association following the May meeting.


Motion: (Hedley/Glenn) that we accept with regret and thanks Wayne’s resignation following the May Association meeting.  Motion Carried. 


It was noted that there will be a nominating Committee meeting in the very near future.  If you have vacancies please let John Beers know. 




Moderator:  Graham reported that he has had a fairly light year so far.  He arranged for the special Council meeting in January and has had several communications with various committees.


Treasurer:  The Treasurer’s report was not available.  It will be emailed to us soon.


Stewardship:  No report.  It was noted by Wayne that several committees had changed in November and he forgot to contact them and find out who the new chair of each committee is.  He will do so.


Evangelism:  No report.


Social Action:  Hedley distributed a written report and commented on it.  Some churches are responding to the request for EMO to use their facilities in the event of a flu pandemic.  A workshop on Family Abuse was held at Hantsport Baptist Church on November 12.  They are hoping to present a program to the youth at Rally in the Valley on “Sexuality from a Christian Perspective.”  Hedley also mentioned the book “Wars Are Never Enough; The Joao Matwawana Story” and recommended it for our reading.


Motion:  (Hedley/Barbara) that we accept the Social Action report.  Motion Carried.


Leadership & Development:  Jennifer reported for Ellen.  She noted that sub committees had been formed to work with Youth Association, Kingswood Camp and ___?_____.   There was a meeting in January to which people were encouraged to come for training for Kingswood.  The Committee would like to have two more members added to bring the total to nine.


Motion: (Jennifer/Pamela) that we accept the Leadership & Development report.  Motion Carried.


Missions:  Marilyn reported that the committee had met with churches requesting grants and noted the churches that have had their grants renewed.  She also noted that Association had agreed to give $1000 to Forest Hill and wondered if this had been done yet. 


Motion:  (Marilyn/Hedely) that $1000 be paid to Forest Hill Baptist Church.  Motion Carried.


Motion: (Marilyn/Glenn) that we accept the Mission report.  Motion Carried.


There was some discussion as to the state of the small churches and possibilities for the future.  Is there any way we can encourage them?  It was noted that there are ongoing discussions. 


WMS/ABW:  Noted that the World Day of Prayer is happening March 3.


Kingswood Camp:  Glenn Wooden reported that the committee consists of 11 members and Jennifer also meets with them.  They meet monthly.  There are also several sub committees. He noted several things that are of concern:


- Water crisis:  They have had to meet with NS Department of Environment and Labour to discuss the bad water tests and how they handled it.  They were given instructions on what to do. This included sealing the well casing and having a water meter and ultra violet light system installed.


- Finances of the Camp are strained: Maintenance issues and missed funding are the reasons.  They have begun to assemble a team of people to help with funding the camp.


- Building of a new double cabin this Spring.


- Policies are being developed to cover such things as rental of the camp and water monitoring.


- Committee is short members and the Associations do not seem to be able to fill them.  Need knowledgeable members with time to get work done.


 - The amount of work that needs to be done.  It is a big operation and there are many things that need to be looked after.  The property is not being used to its full potential.  Need visionaries, knowledgeable, willing workers, creative minds, and willing donators to move ahead.


- Liability insurance:  This needs to be addressed now.  If this is not sorted out there will not be camp this summer.  There were some close calls last year and the trustees and Association are all liable if something happens.  Also noted that Tidal Impact needs assurance that there is coverage before they can send people there this summer.  


- Executive Director:  This was a two year arrangement for a half time position.  Now we need to think about what we do with this position.  Keep the same, make full time, go back to how it was in past etc.


Glenn noted that this is among the most exciting ministry in the Association and the challenges are “growth challenges.” 


Motion: (Glenn/Marilyn) that we accept the Kingswood report.  Motion Carried.


Discussion followed and it was noted that Camp opens in April and the issues of water and liability need to be sorted out by then.


Motion: (Hedley/Glenn)  that we empower the executive to proceed with obtaining appropriate liability insurance by April 1, 2006.  Motion Carried.


It was also asked that if we know of any people that may have an interest in being benefactors to the Camp or serving on a fund raising team to please make them known to Glenn. 


Youth Association:  Pamela Estey reported that there was a meeting on January 14 and a new executive was formed.  Pamela is chair, Marion Jamer is vice chair, Jon Levy is finance and Jon Dixon and Todd Coldwell are publicity.  They looked at the needs, looked back, and looked forward. They adopted the convention logo “Stronger Together.”  They set three goals: 1) Networking - to make connections between groups.  2) Equipping - sharing resources and training.  3) Encouraging - getting groups together for prayer and sharing.


Some questions they have:  1) financing - is there money for them in the budget?  It was noted there is $500 allotted to Youth Association  2) Is it ok to contact churches of the Association in our area.  It was agreed this was ok.  3) Website - Youth website has been shut down.  What about finances for a website?  It was noted there is money in the budget for websites.  Suggested that there may be youth who would take this on for the association as they are up on these things.


Pamela also noted that a packet will be put together to give to new people as the leadership in churches changes.


Motion:  (Pamela/Jennifer) that we accept the Youth Association report.  Motion Carried.


Some discussion followed.  Who is rally in the Valley accountable to?  It was noted that they will be accountable to the Youth Association and will become a sub committee.  This will be worked out as Association continues to meet. 


Gladys Manning:  No Report


Regional Minister:  Ron gave an oral report.  He noted he had been in St. John this week and was given a banner that had been produced some years ago to celebrate the 150th year of convention.  It was an Eastern Valley Association banner.  He asked what we would like to do with it.  Several ideas were mentioned such as putting it in the archives at Acadia or at ABU.  It was decided to keep it and fly it at our Association meetings this year and then send it off to Acadia or ABU. 


Ron reported that there are two congregations looking for pastors.  Newport and Bethany Memorial.

He made reference to the new publication from Convention called “Convention Connection.” 

He noted that the UiM fund only reached 87.88% of its goal.

He noted there will be a Deacon training workshop on March 11 at Harmony Baptist.

There will be a special service at Zion Baptist in Yarmouth as part of the 100th anniversary of Baptist Union celebrations. This will be April 20 at 7 pm.


Motion:  (Glenn/Barbara) that we accept Ron’s report.  Motion carried.


Region II Committee:  Ron noted that the committee consists of John Bartol, Peter Lhones and Gail Whalen-Dunn.  They met in January.  Ron suggested that we encourage them to offer a report to Association.


Nominating:  will be meeting soon 


New Business:


Next Association meeting will be May 6. Location to be determined.


Next Council meeting will be September 16 at 9:00 am at New Minas Baptist Church.


Fall Association will be November 4.  Location to be determined. 




Kingswood Camp Work Day - April 8


ADC Days For Discovery - March 2-3  (High School and up)


Kingswood Leadership Training Camp - March 4, April 21-23, June 30-July2.  Looking for people to help lead workshops.


Ron announced that his term as Regional Minister concludes this year and churches will be asked to renew it. Probably in April.


Ron closed the meeting with prayer.


Motion to adjourn was given by Glenn.

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