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Eastern Valley Baptist Association
September 16, 2006 - New Minas Baptist Church - 9 a.m.

Present: Graham Thomas, Moderator; Hedley Hopkins; Emily Samson; Marilyn Herber; Barbara Cochran, Vice-Moderator; John Beers, Past-Moderator; Allison Magee; Ron Baxter, Regional Minster & Recording Secretary Pro-tem.

Regrets: Kerri Vaughan; Ellen Hunt; Pamela Estey.

Opening: Moderator Graham Thomas called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m. He invited Hedley Hopkins to offer an opening prayer.

Minutes of the February 4, 2006 Council Meeting were declared approved as circulated.

It was noted that with the conclusion of Wayne Merrill’s term as Clerk, Helen Haley had agreed to be the Recording Secretary for the 2006 spring and fall Association meetings. Therefore, Ron Baxter was asked to record the minutes for this Council meeting. He agreed to do so provided John Beers would see that they were circulated to the members. John agreed, and went on to explain that there is a person considering the invitation of the Nominating Committee to serve as Clerk of the Association.

Minutes of the April 8, 2006 Special Council Meeting were declared approved as circulated.

It was reported that Marilyn Herber, Glenn Wooden and John Beers have undertaken to research the issue of the incorporation of Kingswood Camp. They have sought legal counsel. Their next meeting is on September 18, 2006. It is anticipated that they will have a full report to present to the winter meeting in 2007.

Correspondence: Graham Thomas has received an envelope from CABC containing the annual “Association Report Form.” John Beers agreed to fill in the form and sent it to the CABC Office.


Moderator: Graham has or will officiate at the following: Induction Service for Darryl Dykens on June 4 at Upper Vaughan; Ordination Service for Robert Burbidge at Wolfville Ridge on September 16; Induction Service for Thelma McLeod and Darren Millett at Bethany Memorial on September 17; and Induction Service for Geoff deJong at Newport (Scotch Village) on October 1.

Treasurer: Emily presented a three page report to August 31, 2006. Page #1 shows assets of $195,270.39. Page #2 shows revenue of $33,618.86; expenses of $44,123.08;  creating an excess of expenses over revenue of ($10,504.22). Page #3 shows the  list of 18 churches who have contributed a total of $13,781.01 to the Association  plus $100 given through the Association to Kingswood Camp. Emily noted that  the income from churches is on track; however, $20,219 has yet to be received in order to reach the church goal of $34,000 by December 31, 2006.

Stewardship: No report. However, this committee needs to meet in October to draft a 2007 Association Budget for publication by October 27th and adoption at the November 4th Association meeting. Emily agreed to speak with Marc Potvin.

Chaplaincy: No report.

Evangelism: No report.

Social Action: Hedley distributed a prepared report which dealt with the following matters:

1. Awaiting word re. two new members; and Rally in the Valley joint program on “Sexuality from a Christian Perspective.
2. Twelve congregations have offered to help EMO if there is a bird flu epidemic.
3. Reserve September 29, 2007 for a workshop at Kentville Baptist Church on “Approaches to Healing” presented by Rev. John and Dr. Catherine McNally.
4. Thanks for devoting the 2006 Spring Association to a facilitated discussion of the Convention’s notices of motions regarding same-sex marriage.
5. Could the Association Council devote some time to working on “A Theology of Public Witness?”
6. The Social Action Committee will meet at 1:30 p.m. on January 9/07 at New Minas Baptist Church and March 6/07 at Kentville Baptist Church.

Leadership Development: Ellen Hunt had reported to Graham that LDC will meet at ADC twice in October to interview persons regarding an “Association License to Minister.”

Mission: Marilyn reported that the consultations with West Halls Harbour, Glenmont and Arlington have concluded. West Halls Harbour has called ADC student David Cumby to provide 10 hours ministry per week; Glenmont and Arlington have chosen to continue as in the past. The Mission Committee will meet at Kentville Baptist Church at 6:30 p.m. on October 26/06 with leaders of the three churches who apply for a Pastoral Ministry Grant through the Atlantic Baptist Mission Board.

Atlantic Baptist Women (WMS): No report.

Kingswood Camp: Allison provided the following unofficial statistics: 324 campers (307 in 2005); 100 new campers; 38 persons confessed faith in Jesus or re-dedicated themselves to Jesus. The Executive Director will be asked to contact the pastor of a Baptist church to follow-up with each of the 38.

Committee Challenges:

1. Drinking water issues. The Dept. of Agriculture closed the camp until corrective work was completed on the well and a commercial ultra-violet light was installed on the system. The closure order was lifted two days before the first summer camp began. The Chief Medical Officer and the Dept. of the Environment have imposed a boil-water order. Consequently throughout the summer all drinking water has been bottled water. The Executive will meet this fall with these two parties to seek a resolution to the issue.
2. Capital Project - This month a Building Permit was issued to permit the construction of a new cabin at Kingswood. The land will be prepared this fall, and construction will begin in the spring of 2007. Now there will be a concerted effort to raise the money needed for this project.
3. Kingswood Camp needs a person to head up the raising of operating funds. Since the “Share-a-wage” and the “Raise-a-wage” programs created such confusion, although much money was raised, they will not be continued in 2007. Hence the operating budget will increase. It was agreed that the Kingswood Camp Committee be authorized to appoint a fund-raising person; and that Council members forward to Allison Magee (538-8559) names of persons who might be approached.
4. Additional co-opted members are needed for the Personnel/Program Committee. Hedley suggested Peter Candy of Falmouth. Allison would be open to other suggestions.
5. The Treasurer doubts that he can have a 2007 Budget Proposal ready for November 4th. It was agreed that a budget be submitted to the Stewardship Committee for their October meeting. Emily agreed to talk with Laurie Henniger, the Treasurer, about this.
6. The Officers are currently dealing with a party who has raised issues about the camp. This has also prompted media interest. It has raised other concerns which Allison will investigate.

Youth Association: Pamela Estey e-mailed a report to Graham which he shared with the Council. The following is a summary:
1. Although the committee did not meet during the spring and summer due to the focus on Tidal Impact and various Mission Trips, they will launch in October a web site ( www.evyouth.ca ).
2. Demographic Surveys will be sent out in October and processed this fall.
3. EVY and leaders will be encouraged to participate in planned events (e.g., Potential Impact, Challenge, Link, Youth Pastor’s Summit, etc.).
4. EVY will initiate a monthly Monday prayer meeting from 7 to 8 p.m. - October 16 at New Minas Baptist, November 20 (TBA) and December 18 (TBA).
5. Semi-annual Youth Association Meetings are being considered.
6. Rally in the Valley has Jon Dixon as chair. Schedule (7:30 - 9 p.m.): Sept. 17 at New Minas Baptist; October 15 at Wolfville Baptist; and November 19 at Kingsway Assembly in Kentville.
7. Is EVYA covered by EVBA Insurance. No.
8. A Treasurer is needed.

Gladys Manning: No report.

Regional Minister: Ron provided a prepared report which was given to the members present outlining his involvement with Pastors, Churches, ADC, the Associations, the Convention, and the Regional Working Group plus some personal notes.

Region 2 Committee: Ron reported that Forrest Bent has called for a meeting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, October 25/06, at the Berwick Baptist Church. This will include the Association Moderators and the members of the Regional Working Group. Prior to the meeting it is anticipated that members of local churches will have submitted applications to Forrest Bent expressing their desire to be considered for nomination by the Convention Nominating Committee which meets on November 20 to prepare nominations for presentation at the 2007 Convention Assembly in Wolfville around the weekend of August 10/07.

Nominating Committee: John will soon convene a meeting of the Nominating Committee.

New Business

Association Meeting: Saturday, November 4/06 at Falmouth Baptist Church with registration beginning at 8:30 a.m. and program at 9 a.m. Dr. Malcolm Beckett will be the theme speaker.

Reports for inclusion in the Association Report Book are to be e-mailed to
Rev. John Beers ( jsbeers@ns.sympatico.ca ) by October 27/06. John will
e-mail and send member churches notices regarding the November 4th Association meeting at Falmouth.

Association Council: The Council will meet at New Minas Baptist Church at 9 a.m. on Saturday, February 3, 2007.

Re-appointment of Rev. Ron Baxter: Graham shared the news that Ron has been elected to serve a second term as Regional Minister in Region 2. Graham raised concern that only twenty-five of the forty-plus churches in the Eastern Valley Association chose to participate in this selection process.

2007 Spring Association Meeting: To be confirmed by John Beers - Saturday, May 5/07, at Kentville Baptist Church.

Closing Prayer: Graham invited Ron to offer the closing prayer.

Other Business: John, on behalf of the Council, expressed congratulations to Ron on his re-appointment as Regional Minister.

It was agreed that Graham would send a note of thanks to the New Minas Baptist Church c/o Stephanie Munro, Church Secretary, for the use of the facilities by the Association Council.

Respectfully submitted,

Rev. Ron Baxter, Recording Secretary Pro-tem

To submit information for or questions/comments about this website, email info@easternvalleybaptist.com

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