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Council Minutes


Minutes of
Eastern Valley Baptist Association
February 2, 2008


Our meeting was called to order at 9:15 at the Centreville, Baptist Church with our new moderator Rev Marc Potvin chairing the meeting,

We received regrets from Phil Locke, Sheila Allen and Barbara Cochrane due to the very inclement weather.

The following were in attendance: Hedley Hopkins, Nancie Armstrong (guest), Brian Wheaton, Marilyn Herber, Glenn Wooden, Ron Baxter, Marc Potvin, June Keddy and Bob Douglas

The agenda was approved as presented

Marc opened our meeting with a brief devotion from 1st Timothy and prayer. He suggested we often have dislikes for those in power however when we pray for these people our feelings are softened.

Marc read the minutes of our September meeting and these were approved as read.

Business arising from the minutes was presented by Ron Baxter. Ron provided a very thorough presentation on the proposed amendments to the Memorandum of Association and its articles. We had a very lengthy discussion on the proposed changes and consensus was reached that this document was ready for presentation at our next association meeting.

It was suggested a joint meeting be arranged with the Chair of the Don Ehler Fund, Stewardship Committee and Council Executive to discuss the ownership and control of the Don Ehler Funds and that a sub committee of Council be established. Consent was given to the Executive Council to deal with the matter as they see fit.

Nancie Armstrong made a presentation on the Acadia Divinity College Food Drive which is there to help students that are having financial difficulty in meeting costs of tuition, books, etc. With the resources they have available from donations they make food vouchers available to those who they feel require assistance. She is seeking the endorsement of the Association to present this at an Association meeting. No decision was reached however Brian Wheaton agreed to look at the matter further.

Bob Douglas presented the financial statements for the period ending December 31, 2007. We had cash on hand of $20,883. and a net income for the year of $3,885.
Bob moved the adoption of his report and Glen Wooden seconded the motion. Motion carried.
We were provided with a copy of the proposed Memorandum of Association for the new Incorporation of Kingswood Camp. This was not reviewed at the meeting however we were asked to read the document and advise the committee of any noticeable revisions.

Bob Douglas advised the Stewardship Committee has scheduled a Treasure’s Workshop with Federal government employee, Keith Bowers for March 29, 2008. The objective of this workshop will be the Registered Charity Information Return. The location is yet to be decided.

Rev Hedley Hopkins gave a report for the Social Action Committee. They met on January 7th to hold election of officers for 2008. Plans are in place for a Spring Workshop to be held Saturday March 15th at the Wolfville Baptist Church. The topic will be Senator Michael Kirby’s Royal Commission on Mental Health. Also a Fall Workshop is scheduled for November 1st with the topic, “Conflict Resolution” with Rev John Bartol providing leadership. Rev Ron Baxter moved acceptance of the report and Rev Hopkins seconded the motion. Motion carried.

June Keddy read a letter sent to the Chaplaincy Committee from the Director of Correctional Services Department of Justice, advising of the termination of the contract for Chaplaincy services at the Waterville Youth facility. The contract was terminated effective August 31, 2007.

Rev Brian Wheaton gave a report from the Missions Committee. Brian was asked if Morristown would like to host the fall Association meeting on November 1st. He will advise the Council of his decision.

Next Council meeting is scheduled for March 29th at Centreville Baptist Church.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Douglas,
Acting Secretary

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