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Council Meeting of the Eastern Valley Association
February 21, 2009
Acadia Divinity College
9 am to 12.30

Present: Glenn Wooden, Ron Baxter, Bob Douglas, June Keddy, Ellen Hunt, Marc Potvin, Allison Magee, Brian Wheaton, Linda Shreve

Regrets: Jan McGuire, Jennifer Smart, Pamela Estey

Glenn opened with prayer

Reviewed Chairpersons for Committees

Leadership Ellen Hunt
Missions - Brian Wheaton
Stewardship Marshall Jones (maybe)
Evangelism Jan McGuire (maybe)
Social Action Jennifer Smart
Chaplaincy June Keddy
Kingswood Camp Allison Magee

Suggestion: When putting the reports in booklet form for next fall meeting – put all the committee reports together.

Council Minutes – Received the council notes from September 27, 2008 meeting which will be put into minutes—vote by E-mail.

Association Minutes: November 1, 2008 Avonport Baptist Church
Glenn Wooden and Linda Shreve will send corrected minutes to council by E-mail.
We will have an E-mail vote on acceptance.

Business Arising from Council Minutes

Bob Douglas requests that only 1 signature on checks be sufficient — often signing authorities live in different areas and it is hard to find a time to get together. Maybe have the chair of the Stewardship committee check treasurer’s books once a month.

NOTICE OF MOTION for May meeting to change the By Law in November to “One of either Vice Moderator, Moderator or Treasurer have signing power on checks and have the chair of the Stewardship Committee check books once a month.

Business Arising from Association Minutes



1. Evangelism Committee – no report

2. Kingswood Camp Committee: Allison Magee

New Eastern Valley member on committee is John Pierce
Camp is $14000 in debt over the last 2 years
Hope to raise money with fundraisers—optimistic about covering half the debt this way
Donations to Camp are down
Increasing fees for camp (the camper’s fees do not cover his/her stay at camp)
Committee is meeting on Feb. 26, 2009—they are asked to come back with their fundraising ideas

3. Leadership Committee: Ellen Hunt

More communications is needed between Board of Ministerial Standards, Leadership Committee, churches and students in order to help applicants (students)

Motion: Ellen Hunt/Bob Douglas moved that the Leadership committee develop two new forms for the Application for Association Licenses to Minister-- One for first time applicant and another for renewal application. Motion Carried

Ellen Hunt will do up forms and show them to Allison Magee to go over.

Kingswood camp - need more leadership training for counselors

Two full training packages (one for 1st year counselors and one for 2nd year) were put together a few years ago—should be found and used by the camp
There should be close communication between camp and Association—Leadership will work on this.

Rally In the Valley is still going strong but the NEED is to help churches that don’t have Youth Pastors right now.

Suggestion: Director of Youth and Family, Dale Stairs, would like to invite Dave and Rene Gardar to hold workshops on Sept. 18/19, 2009 for people who want training in mentoring and leading our youth.

Convention is willing to provide funding for travel and lodging for the Gardars. Association would need to provide $600—($300 for Dave and $300 for Rene.)

Bob Douglas suggests that Leadership Committee talk with Social Action and Missions committees to find monies ($600) out of their 3 budgets

CONSENSUS OF THE COUNCIL is to say “yes” to the idea of inviting Dave and Rene if 3 committees are able to come up with the money. Ellen will look into this.

Ellen suggests that it is very important for Pastors to have a place for scheduled retreats where they can relax, talk and be of help to each other. Sterling Gosman has been an advocate for this.

4. Missions Committee: report attached

5. Social Action Committee – no report

6. Financial report: report attached

Motion: Bob Douglas/Ellen Hunt moved the adoption of Financial Report Motion carried

7. Chaplaincy Committee:

Discussion of Don Ehler Fund and chaplaincy at Dykeland Lodge. This fund was set up in 1996 to support the Chaplain at Dykeland Lodge. Goal was reached in 2007—Association is now receiving interest. We need to increase hours at Dykeland and use this interest money.

MOTION: Bob Douglas/Brian Wheaton moved to increase Dykeland paid hours from 8hrs to 11 hours a week at $18.35 per hour the lst of March 2009 and that it will be reviewed on an annual basis depending on funds received from the Don Ehler Endowment Fund. Motion carried

Suggestion: Pull out all information on the Don Ehler Endowment Fund to make a formal document.

Next Association Meeting May 2, 2009 at Kingswood Camp.

Next Council Meeting – September 12, 2009 Glenn Wooden give notification of location at a later date

Meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted by Linda Shreve


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