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Eastern Valley Baptist Association
Minutes Winter Council Meeting, February 19, 2011

Woodville United Baptist Church

Present were Allison Magee, Ron Baxter (Regional Minister), Robert Douglas, Chuck McGuire, Jan McGuire, Dennis Leamont, Wayne Marriott, Jeff White, JuneKeddy, Barb Durling, Dan Jamer

Chairman Wayne called the meeting to order and introductions were made around the table.

Regrets were received from Ellen Hunt and Ian Feltmate

Dennis opened in Prayer

The Agenda was handed out - Jan MOVED Jeff SECONDED the adoption of the Agenda as modified. Motion Carried.

Minutes of Sept 11, 2010 Minute were circulated. Allison MOVED and Robert SECONDED the adoption of the Minutes with the change that "Alison" be changed to "Allison" where needed. Motion Carried. It was noted that the Clerk change Minutes from "Draft" to APPROVED and post on the Website.

Business Arising from Minutes: None

Old Business: June is still working on Chaplaincy. Jan is still working on Church allotment letter


Chaplaincy: June (See Attached) Deep concern about the possibility of a cut back in chaplain's pay . More demand for care in the future.

Discussion was held on time and pay in terms of Statutory Holidays. Bottom line they can take the hours off in lieu of pay.

Item B: Can the committee add one more to make total of 7? The Constitution states that there should be a minimum of 6 but no limit on the up side so the Council felt that it would be acceptable.

Evangelism: Jan No new Business or report

Kingswood: Allison Jon Dixon has joined the Board and one person from Digby is considering joining the Board The Board is searching for a new Executive Director. They are working with one church to set up a system whereby the Executive Director would be full time at camp from May to Sept and then part time with the church from October to April. Officially the Executive Director would be an employee of Kingswood Camp.

Right now there is Asst Ex Dir and Program Director.

Millet Foundation has given the Camp a 10 year commitment as outlined at the Fall Association.

During the December 13, 2010 storm a tree went through the roof of one of the cabins. Likely no insurance claim will be made.

At issue is the incorporation. The camp is not owned by the Association. The question of Tax Receipts arose because if the Association does not own the Camp can the Association Treasurer issue Tax Receipts? The Association has been issuing receipts for an organization it does not own. What are the implications?

It was recommended that the Moderator and the Incorporation Committee and the Stewardship Committee and our Treasurer get together and sort this out.

Applications are available for the Staff positions. All will be required to attend training. Camps are different so keep look out for website.

Communications is still a problem. Letters seem to get lost.

Leadership Development Jeff

Main focus is Association Licenses. This committee needs to look at taking lead in Risk Management Seminars and what its role is there.

Missions: Barb Durling

In transition, - Barb may not be able to continue with her position due to her acceptance to the D. Min program at Acadia.

No churches applied for grants this year. It was asked "Do we need to put this out to the churches so they may Missions grants in the local church?"
- becoming more culturally relevant
- more children work
- Suggested workshop – Muslim beliefs

Will announce Missionary folk coming thru the Valley this year.

Do people use Sharing Way material? The Missions Committee should be encouraging the use of it. Again, information and communication are very important.

Nominating Committee:

The Clerk has been directed to make an inquiry regarding an updated paper report becase of some of the confusion at the Fall Association meeting.

Social action: no report

Robert addressed this issue as the Ian Feltmate, the new chair was unable to attend this morning.

One of this committee's greatest concerns is that it is hard to ask for more money from churches with money in Foundation. Does this money have any designation? It is not as far as Robert can determine.

The new Budget declined about $5,000.00 – $6,000.00 requests because of budget restraints. We need to ask what we want to do.

Should we restrict this money to non operating expenses?

Robert MOVED that the Council recommend to the Stewardship Committee that the funds in the Foundation be used for designated projects only. At their next meeting they work on this and bring a report to our next Council meeting. Dan Jamer SECONDED Motion Carried.

Youth: No Report

Association Committee:

Chuck Chuck is in process of drafting a letter proclaiming the good things that the Association has done and explaining the function of this committee. One of the questions asked was "Does this committee have proper representation?" No real answer was given.

Regional Minister: Ron Baxter (see attached)

• Thursday, Feb 24 at Kentville UBC Senior Staff 7pm
• Deacon and Pastor Workshop March 5 Windsor UBC 8:30am
• WMS Assoc Rally April 30 Sat 11am –Hantsport
• Aug 17-10 Oasis at Acadia

Treasurer's Report:

Robert Robert MOVED this report, Chuck SECONDED. Motion Carried.

Chuck MOVED and Jeff SECONDED all reports be accepted as presented.

New Business:

Convention Incorporation - What happens to those churches who choose not to become a member of the new incorporated Convention in terms of our Association?

This will need to be looked at again next meeting. It is not urgent at this point.

Ron raised the issue of finances in ministerial families as well as the general public. Sandra Aitken of Hillsburn UBC (aitken.sandi@gmail.com) is willing to help anyone in need out.

Robert MOVED we adjourn

Allison closed in prayer.

Respectfully submitted

Dennis R Leamont
Assoc Clerk

Note: These Minutes were approved at the Council Meeting at West Hall's Harbour UBC on September 10, 2011.


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