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Eastern Valley Baptist Association
Minutes Fall Council Meeting, September 10, 2011

West Hall's Harbour United Baptist Church

Present were Ron Baxter (Regional Minister), Robert Douglas, Chuck McGuire, Jan McGuire, Dennis Leamont, Wayne Marriott, June Keddy, Dan Jamer, Carol Anne Janzen, June Keddy

Chairman Wayne Mariott called the meeting to order and thanked the folk at West Hall's Harbour Baptist Church for hosting the meeting this morning and for providing so well for our needs.

Regrets were received from Barb Durling and Jeff White.

Dan opened in Prayer

The Agenda Dan MOVED Jan SECONDED the adoption of the Agenda with the addition of presentation by Carol Anne Jansen. Motion Carried.

Minutes of February 19, 2011 Minute were circulated previously by e-mail. Dennis MOVED and June SECONDED the adoption of the Minutes. Motion Carried. It was noted that the Clerk change Minutes from "Draft" to APPROVED and post on the Website.

Business Arising from Minutes:

Under Reports the following items were revisited:

1. The question of the issuing of Income Tax receipts was addressed. This is in terms of Kingswood Camp – the group was told that the camp issues their own receipts so the question was not relevant.

2. Stewardship motion - Robert will comment on this later in the meeting.

3. Association Committee – Chuck will report on this later.

Under New Business the following item was revisited:

1. What happens to those churches – in terms of the Association - that do not become members of the Incorporated Convention ? The following motion dealt with this question:

Chuck MOVED "That council make a statement to the Association that all churches presently members of the Eastern Valley Association of Baptist Churches remain members of the Association without regard to their association with the new Convention." SECONDED by Bob. Motion Carried


Chaplaincy: June

June's report is attached to the Clerk's copy of the Minutes. The major issue facing June and the committee is the health of Dr. Judith Saunders and her present status with the committee. There was discussion on this issue and some guidance with given to June and she will further discuss the matter with the committee.

Evangelism: Jan

Communication is an area that Jan and her committee have been working on. They have sent out notices to all churches regarding the Evangelism Conference in St Andrew's in early October so all should know about that event.

The committee is in the midst of preparing a survey for Association.

The committee is working with the WMS in promoting the visit of Joyce Hancock to our area in October

They are in need of several more members for this committee.

Kingswood: No Report at this time.

Leadership Development

Chair Jeff White was unable to attend this morning but he asked the question (via e-mail) if there was any need for any more Risk Management Seminars at this time. The Council felt that the answer was "No, not at this time."

The question arose regarding Licenses and whether or not they were issued in the Fall. Dennis will call Jeff regarding this question.

Jeff's term is up this Fall and he will not be re-offering.


This committee had nothing to report other than they are having a meeting on October 19 at Hantsport Baptist at 7pm.

Nominating Committee: No report at this time.

Social action: No report at this time.

Stewardship: Bob

This committee met and the following recommendation was made to Council: "Beginning December 31, 2011, a restricted fund of $25,000.00 be set up. These funds will be used for projects specified by Association. No individual project shall exceed $5,000.00. It is understood that this fund will be used during the year to meet day to day operating needs. However the fund will be replenished to $25,000 plus the interest earned on principal. Additionally, 50% of the operating surpluses will be used to increase the fund annually."

It was MOVED by Bob and SECONDED by Dan that the Council pass on this recommendation to the Association floor. Motion Carried.

Youth: No Report at this time.

Association Committee: Chuck

Chuck made the following observations and questions:

1. The plan is to have this committee meet in early October - likely on line
2. The Association exists for the people and not visa versa
3. The new Convention Staffing situation will affect what Association does
4. What do your churches need to help you do ministry that the Association can provide?
5. Can we network more? Can we get more use out of the website?
6. There are plans to set up Facebook pages.
7. The thought is that church clusters would be a good idea.
8. Could there be a Pastor Summit?

Regional Minister: Ron Baxter

Ron's report is attached to the Clerk's copy of the Minutes.

Please note important event -- Ordination of Lic Marion Jamer on October 09, 2011 at Hantsport United Baptist Church.

With the advent of the new Staff proposal being passed at Convention, Ron noted that this would be his last meeting with us. Ron has spent a decade working with our Association and it is with sadness that we bid him farewell. We trust that God had some other form of ministry in mind for him. Thanks Ron for all the help and blessing you have been to our Council, to our Churches and to us as individuals.

Treasurer's Report: Bob

Bob's report is attached to the Clerk's copy of the Minutes It was pointed out that there is $10,000.00 in the Association Account being held there for the Charles Taylor Centre, Acadia Divinity College.

The bottom line is that the Association is down financially by about $3,000.00 over last year. As of September 30, 2011 the Current Account had a Balance of $13,252.79 and the Foundation Account had a Balance of $29,354.86

New Business:

Dr. Carol Anne Janzen made a presentation on behalf of the Charles Taylor Centre. After our Association Meeting in May the Government of Nova Scotia posted notice of grant money available to organizations to deal with the positive aging strategy here in the province. In collaboration with the Charles Taylor Centre, the Chaplaincy Committee and the Chaplains, our Association applied for a grant to explore spiritual health needs and care in senior care residences. The Association received a grant in the amount of $10,000.00. This money will be administered by the CTC.

It was noted that this Council should make a formal recommendation to the Association to ratify the decision to apply for this grant.

Dan MOVED and Jan SECONDED the following motion: "Council recommends that the Association ratify the decision of the Chaplaincy Committee to apply for and receive the Government of Nova Scotia Grant in the sum of $10,000.00 for the Strategy for Positive aging Grant Program." Motion Carried.

Dr. Tracy Demmons from CTC, ADC will make a presentation at the Fall Association.

Moderator Wayne Marriott will verify the program for the Fall Association Meeting.

Date of next meeting
Council February 18, 2012 Place TBA
Association May 05, 2012 Place TBA
Council September 08, 2012 Place TBA
Association November 10, 2012 Place TBA

Dan MOVED we adjourn

Ron closed in prayer.

Respectfully submitted Dennis R Leamont
Assoc Clerk

Note: These Minutes were approved at Council Meeting, February, 18, 2012 at Third Horton Baptist Church.


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