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Committees of the EVBA


Committee reports may be found by clicking the "Reports" link above.  The committees who have developed their information for the internet are displayed here.  Please choose from a link on the left of this page to view the committee's page you wish to see.



ROLE OF THE MISSION COMMITTEE To give oversight to the preparing and processing of applications for Ministry Initiative Grants available through the Atlantic Baptist Mission. To act as the coordinating agency with the Atlantic Section of Canadian Baptist Ministries in organizing itineraries for visiting CBM global staff. To encourage the support mission activities in churches within the Association through rallies, workshops, and special events.

MINISTRY INITIATIVE GRANTS The Mission Committee encourages churches with leaders who are willing to dream and plan for new ministry initiatives for the next calendar year to prepare an Application for a Ministry Initiative Grant before October of this year for submission to the EVBA Mission Committee. Applications duly approved are forwarded to the Atlantic Baptist Mission Board who in November award Ministry Initiative Grants that take effect by January. In keeping with the CBAC theme, "Reaching One Neighborhood at a Time," you are encouraged to take the initiative to share Good News with the people in your neighborhood, and by God's grace bring new life to the Body of Christ where you are.

For more information please contact the Chair of the EVBA Mission Committee, Tracey Kettley at , or the ABMB representative, Jacqueline Derrah at (Phone 506-635-1922).

Download a PDF copy of the current Ministry Initiative Grant Application at Be sure to let Tracey Kettley know, before mid-September of the year you wish to apply, that you are preparing a MIG Application.







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